29 Thoughts You've Definitely Had Before An Early Morning Workout

29 Thoughts You've Definitely Had Before An Early Morning Workout

Whether you’re an early riser or “don’t wake me unless there’s a fire” kind of person, a morning workout can be tough. Your alarm goes off, and the bargaining begins: I’ll exercise tonight. I need my sleep. I don’t care if I turn into a blob with ears… just let me sleeeeep!

But you get up, get ready, and go for that run — because you know you’ll feel like a champion afterward. If you typically squeeze in your workout before the sun rises, these thoughts will definitely sound familiar.

6:00: WHAT IS THAT SOUND?! Where am I?! Oh no… no no no.

6:01: Hey, snooze button, old pal. I just need five more minutes of sleep and then I’m sure I’ll feel super energized.

6:06: Nope, still way too early. Seriously, whose idea was it to work out this early? What was Last Night Me thinking? Last Night Me is the worst.

6:07: I mean, can anyone even prove, scientifically, that exercise is good for you?

6:08: Come on, self. You can do this. Think about how good you’ll feel afterward.

6:09: It was so much warmer under the covers.

6:10: Maybe I can just work out in my pajamas. Flannel is moisture-wicking, right?

6:15: Fine, I’ll get my gear on.

6:20: Does coffee count as a pre-workout supplement?

6:25: I’m ready. No backing out now. I’m going to be happy I did this when I can relax on the couch after work.

6:30: Here we go. I love this song! Alright, I got this.

6:33: I’m so tired, I can’t even feel my muscles. Maybe this won’t be so bad!

6:34: Wait, nope, now I definitely feel my muscles.

6:40: Um, good thing I’m working out at home today, since I definitely forgot to brush my hair. And also my teeth.

6:45: Seriously, I look like a hamster going through a rough patch. How do other people look so perfect when they’re working out?

6:48: And how do they have so much energy?! Are they all retired Olympians?

6:50: Stop comparing yourself! You got up before dawn to work out! You’re a warrior! Showing up is half the battle!

6:55: The other half of this battle might end with me on the floor.

6:59: It should be a crime to sweat this much before 7 a.m.

7:00: What does this trainer mean, “take it up a notch?” I’m fully notched! There are no more notches!

7:10: Okay, I’m starting to feel it. I’m in the zone. I’m going look like Gal Gadot by the end of this workout.

7:15: Wow, I’m on another level! I’m riding high! I’m killing it!

7:16: Actually, I might throw up.

7:18: Should I stop here? I still have to shower and eat breakfast… ooh, breakfast.

7:20: Seriously, what if I’m late for work? I should definitely stop. Isn’t 50 minutes basically an hour?

7:21: Don’t give up now. You’re a champ! You’re sweating out demons!

7:27: Lady Gaga is all that’s getting me through these last few minutes.

7:30: YOU DID IT! You are strong and powerful and you can get through anything and you’re going to change the world today! You crushed it! Yay endorphins!

7:32: Honestly, working out in the morning isn’t so bad. Maybe I’ll set my alarm for that 5:45 HIIT workout tomorrow.