Want Your Dog To Hike With You? Try These 10 Must-Have Items

Want Your Dog To Hike With You? Try These 10 Must-Have Items

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A hiking adventure is a lot more fun when you have your best friend by your side. But what if your preferred hiking buddy is a four-legged friend? Just like you want to have the best hiking gear for yourself, you also want to keep your dog safe and happy! So here’s a look at the best dog hiking gear for a fun time outdoors.

1. Water and Food Bowls

Water is one of the most important things you can take on your hiking trip. You don’t want your pup getting dehydrated, after all! You’ll also want to bring food so your dog can keep up his energy.

To make it as easy as possible for your dog to drink and eat, it’s helpful to bring along portable bowls. Consider the following options:

 Kyjen collapsible dog hiking gear bowl

 Kyjen collapsible bowl is lightweight and made of durable nylon.


WootPet collapsible dog hiking gear bowl

 WootPet collapsible bowl is made of silicone


Friends Forever collapsible dog hiking gear bowls

Friends Forever collapsible bowls, available in a 2-pack, is made for multiple furry friends!


2. Reflective Collar

A reflective collar can help you keep a closer eye on your pup, especially when it’s getting dark.


Carabiner clip-on light dog hiking gear collar

Carabiner clip-on light: If you already like your dog’s collar, try this!


green reflective waterproof dog hiking gear collar

Live in a wet climate? Consider a reflective waterproof dog collar.


4 LED dog hiking collars

Want something even brighter? An LED collar is sure to stand out!


3. Trail Leash

Ditch your normal walking lease for a special trail leash when you hit the hikes!


trail leash dog hiking gear

This trail leash is made from climbing ropes, so it’s flexible and soft.


hands-free trail leash dog hiking gear

There’s also a hands-free trail leash that hooks onto you as a belt, which is great for running or hiking when you want to have both your arms available.

4. Paw Protection

Do dogs need hiking boots? Yes, sometimes they do! Depending on the climate, terrain, and your pup’s sensitivity, your furry friend might benefit from some paw protection.


dog hiking blue boots

You can get boots for your dog’s paws if you’re going to be in an extreme climate.


dog hiking black boots

Try these highly rated boots from Canine Equipment.


If you don’t want to opt for full-on boots, paw wax can protect your dog from warm pavement, salt, or ice. It’s good for hunting, mushing, or walking outside. It forms a temporary shield that’s nontoxic, and dries in seconds!


5. Protective Vest and Gear

Depending on the climate, your dog might need a protective vest.


leece-lined water-resistant dog hiking vest

If you’re hiking in cold, wet weather, consider a fleece-lined water-resistant vest.


dog hiking cooling vest

If it’s going to be hot, think about a cooling vest that reflects the sun.


microfiber cooling towel for dogs

You could even opt for a microfiber cooling towel that provides instant relief if your dog gets overheated.


dog life jacket

Headed to the water? Think about a doggy life jacket to keep your pup safe while swimming.


coyote dog hiking gear vest

And for some serious protection, there’s this pet body armor by Coyote Vest, which includes spikes and whiskers to deter predators.


6. Outdoor Bed and Shade

foam bed for dogs

If you’re going to camp while you’re out hiking, bring a resting place for your dog to relax. One option is a foam bed that will give insulation between the ground and your dog.


elevated canopy bed dog hiking gear

Some people like to go all out and get an elevated canopy bed for their dog to rest in after a long hike.


tent bed for dogs

These beds will also provide shade from the harsh sun.


7. First Aid

pet first aid kit dog hiking gear

You’ll want to be prepared for any emergency when you’re hiking with your dog, so bring along a pet first aid kit. Most include gauze rolls, bandages, cold packs, antiseptic wipes, vet wraps, styptic powder, and more, so you can handle whatever sticky situation arises.

8. GPS Tracker

In the unfortunate situation that your dog gets away from you on a trail, it can be handy to have a GPS tracker on your pup.

Whistle tracker for dogs

The Whistle tracker comes with nationwide location tracking that works on AT&T’s network.


Findster Duo GPS tracker for dogs

Findster Duo is a GPS tracker without cell coverage that works up to three miles.


MarcoPolo tracker for dogs

Then there’s MarcoPolo, which tracks without GPS.


9. Poop Bag

Be considerate of your fellow hikers.


pack of black poop bags for dogs

Bring along a few poop bags while you’re hiking so you can clean up after your pooch.

tube holder for poop bags

You could also consider getting a tube to hold the bags that hooks on your belt for convenience.

10. Traveling Bags

With all this gear, you might want an easy way to carry everything.

traveling dog hiking gear bag

Consider a traveling bag that comes with a tote for food, collapsible bowls, blankets, and a Frisbee.


dog traveling bag

If you have a smaller dog, you might actually want a traveling bag that carries your dog. Some adjustable backpacks are made to carry small pups when they get tired.

Being prepared is important when you’re going for a hike. With these dog hiking gear ideas, you can have a happy, fun, and safe hiking trip with your favorite furry friend!