Everything You Need to Know About Dessert Hummus

Everything You Need to Know About Dessert Hummus

Certain foods just seem to taste better when you eat them together: peanut butter and jelly. Cottage cheese and peaches. Hummus and chocolate.

Okay, so hummus and chocolate might not seem like a good pairing, but dessert hummus — which is sweet rather than savory — is actually turning out to be a must-try food trend.


What is Dessert Hummus?

Traditional homemade hummus — the kind you snack on with veggies or pita bread — is made with chickpeas, tahini (sesame paste), lemon, garlic, roasted peppers, and other savory flavors.

Dessert hummus is also made with chickpeas, but that’s where the similarities end. Instead of tahini, dessert hummus is typically made with coconut oil to get the consistency of pudding or mousse, according to Cameron Fiorenza, BS-NDTR, and Culinary and Nutrition Specialist at Openfit.

Added sugar and flavors like cocoa powder, vanilla bean, and cinnamon turn dessert hummus into a decadent treat that feels like a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth. But is there any benefit to choosing dessert hummus over the usual ice cream or pie?


Is Dessert Hummus Healthy?

Don’t let dessert hummus fool you, Fiorenza says: “Dessert hummus has fiber, which most commercialized desserts omit, but still has all of the other dessert ‘essentials’ like saturated fat and sugar.”

And while dessert hummus and traditional hummus are comparable in terms of macronutrients, Fiorenza says, “The other ingredients — like cocoa powder, carrots, and garlic — provide some additional micronutrients and antioxidants.”

And in dessert hummus, that means sugar — so it’s important to read the nutrition label and keep an eye on your portion sizes, just as you would with any other dessert. “Look for a brand that has less than 5 grams of added sugar per serving,” Fiorenza says.


5 Dessert Hummus Flavors to Try

While dessert hummus might not be an ultra-healthy food, it’s still a healthier alternative to empty-calorie desserts like donuts or cookies. Here are some tasty options to satisfy your sweet tooth (in moderation, of course!).


Delighted By Spoonable Snickerdoodle Hummus


This Snickerdoodle hummus — made with chickpeas, cinnamon, coconut milk, and organic turbinado sugar — is vegan, gluten free, kosher, certified non-GMO, and only has 60 calories per serving. And one scoop will transport you back to the days of eating grandma’s fresh-baked cookies.


Boar’s Head Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Hummus


Boar’s Head is best known for its deli meats and cheeses, but the brand is going all-in on dessert hummus — and this decadent chocolate raspberry flavor is vegetarian, gluten free, kosher, and only has 80 calories per serving. (It does have 7 grams of added sugars, though, so keep an eye on your serving size.)


Delighted By Vanilla Bean Hummus


Not into chocolate? This Vanilla Bean Hummus has you covered. Chickpeas and vanilla beans create a unique flavor combo that clocks in at only 50 calories per serving.


Tribe Dark Chocolate Hummus


Can you really eat dark chocolate for only 50 calories a serving? You sure can — this spreadable dark chocolate hummus combines cocoa, sea salt, vanilla extract, and canola oil to make a perfect dip for some banana slices or strawberries.


Delighted By Red Velvet Cake Batter Hummus


Beet powder is the secret behind this Red Velvet Cake Batter Hummus, which also contains cocoa powder and organic turbinado sugar for a dip that tastes as close to a cupcake as you can get without having the real thing.