18 Cottage Cheese Recipes That'll Rock Your World

18 Cottage Cheese Recipes That'll Rock Your World

Cottage cheese is an incredibly versatile and healthy food — you can enjoy it as a snack or use it to add rich and creamy flavor to everything from breakfasts to desserts. (We recommend choosing cottage cheese with 1% or 2% milkfat.) Best of all, it provides 24 grams of protein per cup. Here are 18 of our favorite ways to use cottage cheese.

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1. Blueberry Cottage Cheese Oatmeal

cottage cheese recipes- oatmeal

Make your boring morning oatmeal more flavorful and filling with this blueberry cottage cheese oatmeal recipe that has 18 grams of protein.

Get the recipe at Hungry Hobby.


2. Baked Mini Frittata with Mushrooms, Cottage Cheese, and Feta

cottage cheese recipes- frittata

Made with mushrooms, cottage cheese, and feta, these vegetarian mini-frittatas are a perfect meal prep breakfast that you can reheat throughout the week.

Get the recipe at Kalyn’s Kitchen.


3. Roasted Strawberry Cottage Cheese Bowl

cottage cheese recipes- strawberry bowl

This cottage cheese bowl incorporates maple roasted strawberries, oats, coconut, and cottage cheese — and it tastes absolutely amazing! (Consider nixing the maple syrup or cutting your serving size in half to reduce your sugar intake.)

Get the recipe at Eating Bird Food.


4. Protein-Packed Rainbow Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowls

cottage cheese recipes- cheese bowl

Made with a rainbow of fresh fruit and your favorite granola, this fiber-filled cottage cheese bowl is a colorful way to start your day.

Get the recipe at Ambitious Kitchen.


5. Romano Herb Cottage Cheese Spread

cottage cheese recipes- cheese spread

This creamy spread combines whipped cottage cheese, fresh herbs, Romano cheese, and ground pepper. Spread it on whole-grain toast for a satisfyingly crunchy snack.

Get the recipe at Mom Foodie.


6. Low-Carb Spanakopita Cottage Cheese and Egg Casserole

cottage cheese recipes- spanakopita

Each serving of this yummy casserole contains 17 grams of protein. Serve it hot or cold — it’s yummy either way. It also makes a great game day snack!

Get the recipe at Mom Foodie.


7. Apple Cottage Cheese Smoothie

cottage cheese recipes- smoothie

Made with apple, coconut, hemp, and dried cranberries, this cottage cheese smoothie is a great way to get some protein on the go. (This recipe contains more than 550 calories and 50 grams of sugar, so consider cutting your serving size in half.)

Get the recipe at Home Made and Yummy.


8. Cottage Cheese Deviled Eggs

cottage cheese recipes- deviled eggs

Swap heavy mayo for cottage cheese to make this healthier take on deviled eggs. They’re the perfect side dish to bring to a dinner party!

Get the recipe at Kath Eats Real Food.


9. Cottage Cheese with Herbs

cottage cheese recipes- cheese dip

Seasoned with scallions, dill, onion powder, salt, and pepper, this flavorful cottage cheese spread is the perfect topping for rye bread.

Get the recipe at Zofia’s Kitchen.


10. Cottage Cheese Egg Salad

cottage cheese recipes- egg salad

Replace mayo with cottage cheese for a thick and creamy egg salad you can spread on sandwiches — or just eat by the spoonful.

Get the recipe at This Unmillennial Life.


11. Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas

cottage cheese recipes- enchiladas

Made with cottage cheese, cheddar, jack, and sour cream, these chicken enchiladas are so rich and creamy. (Just watch your portions, because the calories, saturated fat, and sodium can add up quickly!)

Get the recipe at Gonna Want Seconds.


12. Baked Ziti with Sausage and Peppers

cottage cheese recipes- baked ziti

At 332 calories per serving and 20 grams of protein, this baked ziti — made with cottage cheese, sausage, and peppers — will become a new dinner staple!

Get the recipe at Cookin Canuck.


13. One Pan Skillet Lasagna

cottage cheese recipes- skillet lasagna

We love this lasagna-inspired skillet made with bowtie pasta, ground beef, and cottage cheese. (Choose lean ground beef, or swap in ground turkey breast.) Best of all — you’ll only have one pan to clean after you’re done cooking!

Get the recipe at Happy Life Blogspot.


14. Cottage Cheese Smoothie Bowl

cottage cheese recipes- smoothie bowl

You only need 10 minutes to create this energizing, nutritious, and fruit-filled cottage cheese smoothie bowl. (We suggest using unsweetened coconut, and leave out the maple syrup — it’s sweet enough without it!)

Get the recipe at Real Food Real Deals.


15. Cantaloupe Cupcakes

cottage cheese recipes- cantaloupe cupcakes

Inspired by the sweet-and-creamy combo of cantaloupe dipped in cottage cheese, these mini cupcakes have 147 calories and 2 grams of protein. (This recipe can make standard-sized cupcakes too, but stick with the mini cupcake size for built-in portion control.)

Get the recipe at Cupcake Project.


16. Creamy Healthy Chocolate Pudding

cottage cheese recipes- pudding

Made with low-fat cottage cheese, this chocolate pudding has 229 calories and 10 grams of protein per serving. (It does contain 27 grams of sugar, so consider using only 1 Tbsp of powdered sugar. You can also try replacing the powdered sugar with half a banana.)

Get the recipe at Life Currents.


17. Sugar-Free Cottage Cheese Parfait with Berries

cottage cheese recipes- parfait

Sweetened with stevia and berries, this easy and tasty cottage cheese parfait can be ready in just five minutes. (The recipe calls for 8 drops of stevia, but consider using only a drop or two — or skip it altogether. The berries add plenty of sweetness!)

Get the recipe at Diabetes Strong.


18. Healthy Cheesecake With Cottage Cheese and Black Currant Jam

cottage cheese recipes- cheesecake

Made with cottage cheese and Greek yogurt, this recipe provides more protein than a classic cheesecake, and the black currant jam adds a sweet tang.

Get the recipe at The Worktop.