14 Cool, Quirky Kitchen Gadgets to Make Cooking More Fun

14 Cool, Quirky Kitchen Gadgets to Make Cooking More Fun

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Keeping your kitchen stocked with essential cooking tools can take some of the stress out of meal prep, but adding some unnecessary-but-cool kitchen gadgets into the mix can make cooking a lot more fun. These fun, innovative, quirky kitchen gadgets can save time and space — or just “spark joy” the next time you’re whipping up a healthy meal.

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1. Dash Mini Toaster Oven (Sur La Table)

This cool kitchen gadget is not only energy efficient, it’s also cute as heck! Make toast, bagels, pizza, panini, and more in this itty bitty oven.


2. Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer (Uncommon Goods)

Got a recipe that needs constant attention? Just place this automatic stirrer in your pan with any simmering liquid, set the timer, and save your arm strength for bicep curls.


3. Bob Ross Toaster (Walmart)

It’s hard to start the day in a bad mood when you have Bob Ross’s smiling face on your breakfast toast. After all, burnt toast is just a “happy accident,” right?


4. Nostalgia Bacon Express Crispy Bacon Grill (Amazon)

Want to add some bacon to your breakfast omelet — without splattering grease all over your kitchen? This mini grill uses a vertical cooking method that helps drain excess grease, so your bacon is ready in minutes with minimal mess.


5. Chef’n GarlicZoom Garlic Chopper (Amazon)

Fresh garlic can take your meals up a notch, but chopping the cloves can leave you with hands that smell like garlic for days. The solution: this cool kitchen gadget. Insert the clove and roll the GarlicZoom back and forth to get minced or finely chopped garlic.


6. YayLabs Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball (Amazon)

This unique kitchen gadget turns homemade ice cream into a sport. Add ice and rock salt in one end, and your ice cream ingredients in the other — then toss it, shake it, or roll it until your dessert is ready.


7. Charcoal Companion Dog Corn Holders (Amazon)

How could we not include these on the list? Add some silliness to your corn on the cob with these stainless steel, dachshund-shaped corn holders.


8. Master Pan Non-Stick Divided Skillet (Amazon)

Save time and cook a full meal with this divided skillet that only requires one burner to do the job of five. It’s even oven-safe and dishwasher-safe for added convenience.


9. The Gourmet’s Smoking Cloche (Uncommon Goods)

This sophisticated but simple-to-use system combines an electric smoker with a glass cloche, making it easy to add smoky flavor to Bloody Marys, cheeses, fish, and more.


10. Watermelon Tap Kit (Williams Sonoma)

Turn a watermelon into a unique (and eco-friendly!) drink dispenser. Just scoop out the melon, insert the tap, and fill with your favorite fruit-infused cocktail or mocktail.


11. KitchenArt Select-A-Spice Auto-Measure Carousel (Amazon)

Adding herbs and spices is an easy way to amp up flavor. This spice carousel keeps 12 spices on hand and even measures them out for expert precision. Want more variety in your spice blends? Stack up to four carousels.


12. Octopus Tea Cup Holder (Bella Coastal Decor)

Why hide your tea cups and coffee mugs in a cabinet when you can display them on the tentacles of a cast-iron octopus? Maybe you didn’t wake up this morning thinking your kitchen needed more octopus decor — but now you know.


13. SpreadTHAT Serrated Warming Butter Knife (Amazon)

No one likes dealing with clumpy butter. This cool kitchen gadget has a copper heat-transfer core that uses the heat from your hand to warm the blade, so you can spread butter (or jam, or PB) more easily.


14. Cuisinart BBQ Cheese Melt Pan (Amazon)

Add melted cheese to your barbecue dishes without running back and forth between the grill and the stove. This pan lets you melt cheese perfectly, right on the grill.