17 Chickpea Recipes to Power a Plant-Based Diet

17 Chickpea Recipes to Power a Plant-Based Diet

All hail the chickpea. A good source of protein and an excellent source of fiber, chickpeas are nutrient-dense and full of flavor. Also known as garbanzo beans, chickpeas are a mainstay in Indian cuisine but have found their way into tons of delicious recipes all around the world. And it ain’t all hummus (though we salivate for that creamy dip).

Whether you’re looking for vegetarian-friendly ways to get protein or just simply love the flavor, these are the best chickpea recipes to satisfy your need for those tiny, healthy legumes!

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Chickpea Breakfast Recipes

Start your morning with these delicious breakfast recipes.

1. Chickpea scramble breakfast bowl


Vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free, this chickpea scramble is the perfect way to get your chickpea fix bright and early! It’s made with chickpea flour and spiced with turmeric, and only has 180 calories per serving!

Get the recipe at All Nutritious.

2. Avocado, chickpea, and tomato toast


Ready in under 20 minutes, this vegan Avocado Chickpea Tomato Toast recipe is a delicious chickpea enthusiast take on the classic avocado toast. It’s made with just a few simple ingredients like chickpeas, beef tomatoes, avocado, and spinach, and then spread on hearty rye bread.

Get the recipe at Hedi Hearts.

3. Healthy breakfast hash


With 11 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and 213 calories per serving, this breakfast hash with eggs, chickpeas, potatoes, and veggies is a hearty staple to keep you full and satisfied for hours.

Get the recipe at Fit As a Mama Bear.

4. Sweet potato chickpea hash with egg and avocado


With 300 calories per bowl, this vegetarian sweet potato, chickpea, and egg dish is sprinkled with Everything Bagel Seasoning (because why not?) and ready in just 30 minutes.

To make the meal even healthier, cut the suggested salt serving in half and and use a salt-free everything bagel seasoning.

Get the recipe at Tasty Oven.


Chickpea Appetizer Recipes

For an in-between-meals snack, turn your can of chickpeas into an appetizer.

5. Crispy roasted chickpeas


Roasted chickpeas are the perfect vegan snack! Munch on these four-ingredient chickpeas as a side, game day appetizer, or on the go crunchy treat! This snack is a good source of protein, and the recipe makes three servings.

Get the recipe at Love and Lemons.

6. Tamarind chickpea soup


Coming in under 300 calories and with 8 grams of protein, this deliciously sweet, spicy, and savory Indian inspired soup is full of fresh veggies and chickpeas. It’s so light, it makes the perfect warm appetizer or afternoon snack!

Get the recipe at Traditional Plant Based Cooking.

7. Creamy cilantro jalapeno hummus


This spicy vegan hummus is creamy and zesty; the jalapeño gives the classic hummus an added kick! Serve with veggie sticks, whole wheat pita chips, or whole wheat bread for a healthy snack.

Get the recipe at Profusion Curry.

8. Beetroot hummus


This vibrant, vegan, and gluten-free Mediterranean-inspired dip gets its beautiful purple color from earthy beetroot, healthy fats from olive oil, and zest from the za’tar spice garnish!

To make the recipe — which makes three servings — healthier, reduce the suggested olive oil from 1/4 a cup to 2 Tbsp.

Get the recipe at Fun Food Frolic.


Chickpea Lunch Recipes

These recipes make nutritious, vegetarian lunches easy.

9. Spinach and chickpea salad


With under 500 calories and 14 grams of protein, this chickpea recipe is as tasty as it is healthy. This chickpea salad comes with pita croutons, chopped nuts, and a creamy lemony, mustardy, tahini dressing.

Get the recipe at Knife and Soul.

10. Greek chickpea salad


This Greek chickpea salad is super easy to make. Pack in some fresh veggies, feta cheese, olives, and chickpeas for this summery and refreshing salad that’s perfect to make in bulk. To make this recipe healthier, reduce the oil by half.

Get the recipe at Natalie’s Health.

11. Chickpea lime & coconut soup


With 8 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber, this soup is too hearty to be an appetizer, but perfect for a lighter lunch. It’s gluten free, vegan, and grain free, with delicious flavors like turmeric, chili, and creamy coconut milk.

Get the recipe at A Saucy Kitchen.


Chickpea Dinner Recipes

These vegetarian-friendly chickpea recipes are ready to be your dinner’s main course.

12. Spanish chickpea stew with spinach


At 14 grams of fiber and 15 grams of protein, this stew is super filling and hearty. Loaded with chickpeas and spinach in a spiced tomato broth — it’s vegan and gluten-free — this is absolute comfort in a bowl.

Get the recipe at Veggies Save the Day.

13. Easy roasted chickpea pasta with spinach


Loaded with garlic, herbs, and lemon, this light, creamy pasta dish adds a bit of crunch with roasted chickpeas on top. It’s vegetarian and only has 400 calories per serving! We recommend using whole wheat pasta to make this recipe even healthier.

Get the recipe at Skinny Spatula.

14. Roasted veggies and chickpeas


With quinoa, cooked chickpeas, dried herbs, and roasted veggies, this dish from Openfit is both balanced and easy to make. It’s topped with a delicious drizzle of tahini sauce for a punch of flavor.

Get the recipe at Openfit.

15. Healthy green chickpea enchiladas


With 5 grams of fiber and only 220 calories, this hearty and satisfying twist on traditional enchiladas is perfecto. Each enchilada is filled with chickpeas, corn, and tomatoes, and topped with a creamy spinach sauce. Yum!

Sub in reduced-fat sour cream and cheese for an even healthier dinner.

Get the recipe at Life Currents.


Chickpea Dessert Recipes

You don’t have to skip dessert with these sweet, chickpea-based recipes.

16. Vegan chickpea brownies


These delicious vegan brownies are sweetened with dates instead of regular table sugar, and loaded with chickpeas for added protein. They are easy to make, sugar-free, gluten-free, and are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Get the recipe at Bubble Green.

17. Chocolate peanut butter chickpea cookie bars


With just 135 calories per cookie bar, these are the perfect treat for your entire family! The Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chickpea Cookie Bars are also vegan and gluten free, with a crispy outside and an ooey-gooey center.

Get the recipe at The Honour System.