Get a Total-Body Burn With a Cardio Kickboxing Workout

Get a Total-Body Burn With a Cardio Kickboxing Workout

Do you want to have a blast while you work your entire body into a sweat? Cardio kickboxing is a fast-paced workout that’s as fun as it is fierce.

By performing and linking traditional kickboxing moves into choreographed routines, cardio kickboxing workouts help you burn calories, build coordination and strength, and allow you let off steam and learn defensive maneuvers in a safe environment, says Openfit expert Cody Braun.

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What Do You Do In Cardio Kickboxing?

A good cardio kickboxing workout will work the entire body — arms, legs, core, and more — through combinations of high intensity mixed martial arts moves, Braun says. These include:

All of these cardio kickboxing exercises, fortunately, are non-contact, meaning that you’re hitting and kicking the air in front of you, rather than a bag or person. That reduces the risk of injury both to your imaginary opponent and yourself. It also makes them good low-impact exercises!

In cardio kickboxing classes, you perform these MMA moves along with other, more traditional, total-body moves such as squats and push-ups in a high-intensity interval format. The result: You challenge and strengthen your muscles in multiple ways, spike your heart rate, and improves coordination as you learn to combine staple strength-training exercises.


Can Cardio Kickboxing Give You a Stronger Core?

“Because there is so much rotation and body control used in these workouts, you are definitely using your core,” says Braun, noting that the core is responsible for transferring power between your lower and upper body. “Every time you are punching and kicking, you are getting a stronger core,” he says. If you don’t believe us, just check out these kicking exercises for a stronger core.

What’s more, most classes involve exercises that combine martial arts with tried-and-true core exercises, such as crunches and planks. To score your core the greatest cardio kickboxing benefits, focus on performing all cardio kickboxing workouts with a strong, braced core and intentional, controlled movements.

Cardio Kickboxing Workout - Rough Around the Edges

Can You Lose Weight With Cardio Kickboxing?

“These workouts require full-body, high-intensity movements, which can help to torch calories by engaging multiple muscle groups and keeping the heart rate elevated,” Braun says. In fact, the American Council on Exercise estimates that the average exerciser can burn between 350 and 450 calories in a single hour-long cardio kickboxing workout.

This kind of exercise also shines as a weight-loss workout simply because it can just be fun! “When you make your cardio something fun like kickboxing, you are more likely to adhere to the program,” Braun says. “Weight loss is a journey, which means that you have to be consistent in order to see results.” And if you like what you’re doing, then you’ll probably do it consistently!


Do You Have to Be In Good Shape to Do Cardio Kickboxing?

Anybody can enjoy and strengthen their entire body with this kind of exercise. The only prerequisite is learning the fundamentals, like how to kick. Doing so will ensure that you are performing all exercises with safe and proper form, Braun says.

Fortunately, expert cardio kickboxing workouts, such as Openfit’s Rough Around the Edges, walk you through each movement before you perform it with maximal speed and power. All you have to do is hit play on the workout video and follow along.


Free Cardio Kickboxing Routine

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