How to Use a Cardio Glide

How to Use a Cardio Glide

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Commercials for the Weslo cardio glide exercise machine graced television screens in the ’90s, complete with stark white tube socks, chunky sneakers, and some gratuitous post-exercise posing. Whether you found an old machine in your aunt’s basement or your gym has a similar machine that’s giving you flashbacks, you’re probably wondering: can using the Cardio Glide help you get healthy and lose weight? That depends on your goals.

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What Is a Cardio Glide?

This at-home exercise machine resembles a stationary bike, but rather than pedal with your legs, you push and pull the handle bars toward and away from you, to glide your body back and forth. Along with getting your heart rate moving, this unique movement engages the arms, back, chest, and core.

While we won’t say the cardio glide tops the list of best exercise equipment, it does offer some benefits. Compared to other popular cardio machines, the Cardio Glide is much more compact. It is also low-impact, so you don’t have to worry about taxing your joints.

How to Lose Weight On a Cardio Glide

If your goal is to lose weight, cardio training can help. You don’t have to do cardio to drop the number on the scale, but it can be an effective part of your weight-loss strategy (we recommend incorporating some strength training too). The Cardio Glide is a form of steady-state cardio, meaning you put forth continuous, steady effort. Steady-state is a great way to build your cardiovascular endurance, and it’s accessible to beginners.

To use a cardio glide:

  • Sit on the padded seat, place your feet on the pedals, and place your hands on the handlebars. You can hold the top, sides, or bottom of the handlebars to change the muscles you want to work. You can also try different grip widths, or an underhand grip instead of overhand.
  • Keep your back straight and pull the handlebar toward your waist while pushing the pedals away with your legs. Continue this motion to glide your body back and forth. (You can also use the push mode, which means you push the handlebar away from your body to initiate the movement.)
  • Move through the full range of motion and maintain a steady pace.
  • To make the cardio glide more challenging, you can up the resistance by turning the resistance dial.


Where to Buy a Cardio Glide

Weslo no longer sells the Cardio Glide, so if you really want to buy one, you’ll have to search garage sales and the internet. You can, however, purchase similar machines, like Brenda DyGraf’s FitRider X or the Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row-N-Ride Trainer.