Start a Tasty New Hobby with One of These Bread Making Kits

Start a Tasty New Hobby with One of These Bread Making Kits

With social distancing guidelines underway, many of us are finding creative ways to keep ourselves busy. If you’ve exhausted all your Netflix programming, finished all the workouts, ate all the snacks, and FaceTimed all the people, you might be interested in learning how to bake your own bread!

Baking your own bread is cost-effective, fun, and easier than you might think. Luckily, you don’t have to go from zero to professional baker all on your own. Here are six of our favorite bread making kits you can order online to help you become the thriving bread baker we always knew you could be!

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1. Clark Street Country Sourdough


If you’re in the LA area, Clark Street is offering a free bread making starter kit with purchase from their retail stores in Echo Park, Grand Central Market and Sunset Blvd.

The recipe linked below will give you comprehensive instructions (including what supplies you’ll need) for creating a delicious loaf!

Get the instructions at Clark Street.


2. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

mr holmes kit | bread making kits

For $25, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse starter kit includes all you’ll need to get baking, including instructions on how to maintain the bread starter for over 100 years!

You don’t need anything else. It’s all in the box (we love easy).

Get the starter kit at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse.


3. Sourdough Breads Organic Sourdough Starter

This sourdough activation is super simple: just mix up the starter with flour and water and watch it come alive!

This organic company is so confident in their product, that if it does not activate in 24 hours, they’ll immediately send you a new starter free of charge.

Get the starter kit on Amazon.


4. Sourdough Starter (Live)

This live sourdough starter should be fed immediately upon arrival!

With just two simple ingredients (organic wheat flour and wild yeast culture), this kit comes with a full instruction booklet, so your process is easy from start to finish.

Get the starter kit at Breadtopia.


5. Whole Wheat Sourdough Starter

Whole Wheat Sourdough Starter

This company offers whole wheat sourdough, for that extra boost of fiber.

This Flemish-style starter is made with organic whole wheat flour, and they also make Rye Sourdough so that you can choose your favorite style.

Get the starter kit at Cultures for Health.

It’s also available in gluten-free!


6. Classic Fresh Sourdough Starter

What makes this kosher, 1-oz. starter kit awesome? It’s fresh, not dried!

And because your sourdough starter is fresh, they recommend no more than 10 days between when the starter dispatches from their facility and when you give that little guy its first feeding!

Get the starter kit at King Arthur Flour.