9 of the Best Yoga Mats for Every Need

9 of the Best Yoga Mats for Every Need

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Yoga is a deeply personal practice, and that’s why it makes sense that your yoga mat should be personalized, too. There’s nothing worse than trying to focus on your breath, hold a tough pose, or focus on your form when you’re distracted by a mat that’s just not working for you.

With such a robust yoga mat market out there, there’s no reason why you should have to settle for anything less than perfect. Whether you’re looking for extra cushioning, extra length, or extra style, we’ve got you covered with the best yoga mats for every need.


9 of the Best Yoga Mats for Every Need

1. Best for Travel

YOGO Ultralight Travel

Whether you’re on vacation or a bustling commuter, this yoga mat makes it easy for you to take your practice anywhere. At only 2.5 pounds, the lightweight YOGO Ultralight is not only durable, grippy, and smooth, but packs easily into any carry-on or suitcase. Its attached straps form a handle, making it great for hanging up to dry in the shower or carrying with you on-the-go!

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2. Best Design

Best Yoga Mats for Every Need

Gaiam Premium Reversible

Gaiam Premium Reversible Mats make some of the most beautiful yoga mats on the market, with dozens of designs and prints available to choose from. And because they’re reversible, you get two gorgeous prints for the price of one! Non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals, it doesn’t just look great — it’s good for the planet, too. “It’s beautiful and I get compliments on it every time I use it,” says one reviewer.

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3. Best Extra-Long

Yoga Accessories Extra Long Deluxe

For all our tall yogis out there, Yoga Accessories Extra Long Deluxe has got you covered — literally! It’s 16 inches longer than your average mat, and at $22, it won’t break the bank. This mat is extremely durable, machine washable, void of heavy metals and latex, and features phthalate-free inks and dyes.

Just take it from this reviewer: “Very comfortable yoga mat! I am 5’11 and there is plenty of room to spare at the end of this mat. I always struggled in my yoga classes to stay completely on my mat, whether it be in standing or laying positions. With this mat I feel comfortable in any position.​”

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4. Best Non-Slip Mat

Youphoria Premi-OM Mat

Youphoria Yoga Mat is a great mat for hot yoga lovers or those who sweat up a storm and need to prevent slipping. Its intense grip surface and anti-slip, absorbent technology ensures you won’t be slipping and sliding. Better yet, its open-cell, porous, antimicrobial top even prevents sweat-induced odor-causing bacteria.

“This is the best yoga mat for the best price that I’ve ever invested in,” says this reviewer. “I teach yoga and have gone through a lot of mats so I know a great yoga mat when I feel one. You will never slip on this mat, and it is sooo plush and comfortable- my knees never hurt when doing kneeling poses. It is the LIGHTEST yoga mat I have ever carried in my life, and is super easy to transport, and absorbs moisture like crazy. Such high quality and the price is unbeatable.”

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5. Best Budget

Best Yoga Mats for Every Need

GYMENIST Thick Exercise Yoga Floor Mat

At $17, the GYMENIST Thick Exercise Yoga Floor Mat is an excellent option for budget-focused shoppers. It’s all about getting the most bang for your buck, and GYMENIST makes great multi-purpose mats not only for yoga, but also suitable for Pilates, physical therapy, camping, gymnastics, or outdoor use.

“I love this mat. It is exactly what I wanted because I have to put it on a cement floor and it works well to cushion me from that floor. It is also long enough that I don’t have to do a lot of maneuvering to keep on the mat as well as being wide enough too,” says one happy customer!

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6. Best Splurge

Manduka PRO

If you’re going to splurge on a top quality yoga mat, you should at least know it’s going to last! The cult-favorite Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilate Mat has a lifetime guarantee, which means you’ll never have to purchase another mat again. And with its close-celled surface, versatile designs, high-density cushioning, and over 1,800 positive reviews — you won’t want to.

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7. Best Eco-Friendly

Best Yoga Mats for Every Need

Jade Yoga Harmony Mat

Made sustainably with natural rubber tapped from rubber trees, Jade Yoga’s Harmony mat is free from PVC, EVA and other synthetic materials for a clean yoga mat you can feel good about. Bonus: their partnership with Trees for the Future ensures a tree is planted with every mat sold. Now that’s some extra eco-karma!

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8. Best Extra-Thick

Yoga Cloud Ultra-Thick 1″ Yoga and Exercise Mat

Yoga Cloud Ultra-Thick Mat features high density foam that’s about four times thicker than a traditional yoga mat to make sure your joints and knees are thoroughly protected. This moisture-resistant, non-slip mat also measures 72″ long and 24″ wide for extra tall customers looking for extra thick support.

“Let me just say, this thing is AMAZING!! I love it!! One of my biggest downfalls to doing yoga was that I would have back pain and knee pain when doing poses that involved being on the floor. This is no longer a problem. I am so grateful to have this amazing mat!” raves this reviewer.