11 of the Best Yoga Mats for Every Need

11 of the Best Yoga Mats for Every Need

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There’s nothing worse than trying to focus on your breath, hold a tough pose, or focus on your form when you’re distracted by a mat that’s just not working for you.

Yoga is a deeply personal practice, so it makes sense that your yoga mat should be personalized, too.

With such a robust yoga mat market out there, there’s no reason why you should have to settle for anything less than perfect. Whether you’re looking for extra cushioning, extra length, or extra style, we’ve got you covered with the best yoga mats for every need.

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1. Best for Travel – YOGO Ultralight Travel

Whether you’re on vacation or a bustling commuter, this yoga mat makes it easy for you to take your practice anywhere.

The lightweight YOGO Ultralight is not only durable, grippy, and smooth, but packs easily into any carry-on or suitcase. Its attached straps form a handle, making it great for hanging up to dry in the shower or carrying with you on the go!

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2. Best Design – Gaiam Premium Reversible

Best Yoga Mats for Every Need

Gaiam makes some of the most beautiful yoga mats on the market, with dozens of designs and prints to choose from. And because they’re reversible, you get two gorgeous prints for the price of one!

Non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals, this yoga doesn’t just look great — it’s good for the planet, too.

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3. Best Extra-Long – Yoga Accessories Extra Long Deluxe

For all our tall yogis out there, this mat has you covered! It’s 16 inches longer than a standard mat, giving you plenty of room to stretch out in savasana. The durable foam is latex-free and made with phthalate-free inks and dyes, and the price point won’t break the bank.

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4. Best Non-Slip – Alo Chakra Warrior Mat

alo non slip mat | yoga mats

The Chakra Warrior is a great option for hot yoga lovers or those who sweat up a storm and need to prevent slipping. This odor-resistant, dry-wicking mat features a natural rubber backing for optimal cushioning, and even has a textured grid to guide your alignment.

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5. Best Budget-Friendly – GYMENIST Thick Exercise Yoga Floor Mat

Best Yoga Mats for Every Need

It’s all about getting the most bang for your buck, and this budget-friendly, multipurpose yoga mat can also be used for Pilates, mat workouts, and even camping. It’s made with eco-conscious materials, and the thick cushioning is perfect if your workout space is on a hard floor.

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6. Best Splurge – Manduka PRO

If you practice daily, you’ll need a mat that’s built to last. This cult-favorite mat — with durable, moisture-resistant materials and ultra-dense cushioning — may be spendy, but it comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you’ll never have to purchase another mat again.

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7. Best Sustainable – Scoria Chakras Alignment Cork Mat

scoria chakra mat | yoga mats

Made from 100% natural cork and tree rubber with plastic-free packaging, this eco-friendly mat is good for your practice and the planet. It’s got all the highlights — like naturally antimicrobial materials, great grip, and a carry mat — plus a portion of proceeds helps to support Indigenous youth and food-insecure communities.

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8. Best Extra-Thick – Crown Sports Yoga Cloud Exercise Mat

crown sports thick mat | yoga mats

Perfect for restorative yoga, this mat features a full inch of high-density foam — about four times thicker than a traditional yoga mat — to help cushion and protect your joints. And at 72 inches long and 24 inches wide, it provides plenty of space for your practice.

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9. Best Cork – Yoloha Unity Cork Yoga Mat

yoloha cork mat | yoga mats

The surface of this mat is made from a blend of premium-grade cork and rubber for extra grippiness — perfect for a faster flow or hot yoga session — while the eco-friendly foam backing provides the perfect balance of cushioning and stability.

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10. Best Versatility – Lululemon The Reversible Mat

lululemon reversible mat | yoga mats

This reversible mat from Lululemon has a grippy, moisture-absorbent top layer to keep you from slipping when you’re sweaty. Flip it over, and the base is made from soft, textured natural rubber — perfect for a gentler yoga practice. It’s available in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can match your mat to your mood!

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11. Best for Kids – Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat Exercise Mat

gaiam kids mat | yoga mats

Working out with kids at home can be challenging, but with this mat, your mini-yogis can practice right alongside you! Made from non-toxic materials, it has plenty of grip for little feet and hands, and it’s available in a variety of cute, kid-friendly designs.

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