The Best Sports Bras for Every Activity Level

The Best Sports Bras for Every Activity Level

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Having the right workout gear is essential, especially when it comes to choosing a sports bra. If you’ve ever worn a crappy sports bra, you know it can totally derail your workout — whether you’re fixing wayward straps or dealing with a lack of support, wearing the wrong sports bra can be distracting and downright painful.

It may even discourage you from working out. Research shows that lack of a proper sports bra can be a barrier to physical activity — women cited pain and embarrassment caused by excessive breast movement as a key deterrent.

To maximize comfort and get the most out of your workouts, it’s ideal to have the right sports bra for the activity you’re doing. (And yep, that means you may need separate sports bras for different activities.) Here’s a list of sports bras for every fitness level, style preference, and breast size — so you can bounce less and sweat more.


The Best Sports Bras for Light Impact

Light impact exercises include activities like yoga and Pilates, which don’t involve much bouncing or pavement-pounding. But even if you won’t need as much support, you’ll still want a comfortable bra that moves with you and keeps everything in place.


1. Steeplechase Bra (Outdoor Voices)

With its lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric and fashionable keyhole detail, this low impact sports bra will flatter any figure.


2. Hanes Comfortflex Stretch Cotton Sports Bra (Amazon)

Four-way stretch fabric moves with you, and the lightweight support is perfect for yoga or strength training. This simple and effortless sports bra will become your everyday go-to.


3. Free To Be Bra Wild (Lululemon)

This is the perfect yoga sports bra for the smaller-busted crowd — the super-smooth, moisture-wicking Luxtreme fabric won’t distract from your practice or leave you feeling like a sweaty mess.


Best Sports Bras for Medium Impact

Medium impact exercises — like boxing, hiking, or dance workouts — involve more moderate and intense movement. You may not be striking the ground hard, but you’ll definitely want some extra support and sweat-wicking.


1. FITTIN Racerback Sports Bra (Amazon)

This highly rated Amazon pick will become your new staple for medium compression. It features a wireless, racerback style with wide shoulders for extra support and a seamless (in other words: chafe-free!) fit.


2. Panache Underwire Sports Bra (Amazon)

Available in sizes up to 40H, this is a great bra for those who struggle to find cute, comfy, and supportive bras for their body type. With wide, padded straps and inner molded cups, this bra claims to reduce bounce by 83 percent.


3. Run Free Bra (Athleta)

Don’t let the strappy, asymmetrical design fool you — this sports bra is more supportive than it looks. Great for smaller busts, it features removable cups and just the right amount of compression.


Best Sports Bras for High Impact

Whether you’re going for a run or tackling a HIIT workout, you’ll want maximum support for activities that put a lot of force on your body. These high-impact sports bras compress your breasts without restricting your movement.


1. Elomi Energise Sports Bra (Nordstrom)

Curvy girls rejoice! This microfiber sports bra “creates flattering separation” (no dreaded uni-boob!) and holds everything in place so you can get an intense cardio workout without worrying about the painful bounce.


2. Yianna Women’s High Impact Sports Bra (Amazon)

For complete range of motion and a non-squishy fit, this compression sports bra will give you plenty of support without causing pancake boobs.


3. Adidas Running Supernova Bra (Amazon)

With a scoop neck, crossback straps, and a keyhole opening, the Supernova is stylish — but it’s also one of the best sports bras for running. Reviewers raved about the snug, comfy fit and the just-right padding.