8 of the Best Resistance Bands and Loops for Your Home Gym in 2021

8 of the Best Resistance Bands and Loops for Your Home Gym in 2021

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If you’ve never worked out with resistance bands, you’re in for a total game changer. Resistance bands and loops are lightweight, budget-friendly, portable, and perfect for traveling. Use them for stretching or to add a little (or a lot of) resistance to strength training exercises. Here are eight of the best resistance bands and loops for every level of your fitness journey.

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1. Limm Exercise Resistance Loop Bands

Limm Exercise Resistance Loop Bands--best resistance bands

Work your abs, butt, arms, and thighs with these stretch bands! This budget-friendly set offers five levels of resistance, and the lightweight loops stash into a small carry bag so you can take your strength exercises on the road.

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2. Walito Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt

Walito Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt--best resistance bands

Divided into light, medium, and hard, this set of three resistance bands comes with a lifetime guarantee! They’re made from durable, high-quality, and skin-friendly elastic cotton rather than rubber, so they won’t pinch your skin.

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3. HPYGN Resistance Bands Set with Handles

HPYGN Resistance Bands Set with Handles--best resistance bands

One of the best resistance bands if you prefer the kind with handles, these bands come in five different resistance levels, with a maximum resistance level of 150 pounds or 200 pounds (depending on the set you choose). Besides the bands, it comes with two hand grips, two ankle straps, one door anchor, and a carry bag!

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4. Recredo Nonslip Booty Bands

Recredo Nonslip Booty Bands--best resistance bands

These ultra-thick fabric resistance bands for legs and butt are perfect for full-body moves. Choose from light, medium, or heavy resistance to add an extra challenge to hip raises, lunges, squats, and more.

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5. INTEY Pull up Assist Resistance Bands

INTEY Pull up Assist Resistance Bands--best resistance bands

With over 13,000 positive Amazon reviews, this set of four bands is popular. Many customers noted they helped them attain their goal of being able to do a pull-up! These resistance bands are 100% natural latex (which are odorless and super stretchy!) and come with a carry bag.

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6. TheraBand CLX Resistance Band with Loops

TheraBand CLX Resistance Band with Loops--best resistance bands

The best resistance bands for those allergic to latex, these latex-free bands feature a unique looped design. The long band is sectioned off into smaller loops, so you can change your grip or adjust your resistance level without having to tie the band or wrap it around your wrist.

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7. Sling Shot Mark Bell’s Hip Circle 2.0

Sling Shot Mark Bell's Hip Circle 2.0--best resistance bands

This thick glute stretch band is made from stiff, durable material that won’t roll up or rip out your leg hair. Add resistance to exercises like leg kickbacks, or use as a reminder to maintain proper form during squats and deadlifts.

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8. OMERIL Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

OMERIL Resistance Loop Exercise Bands--best resistance bands

The OMERIL 12-inch by 2-inch resistance stretch bands are super durable and skin-friendly. They come in five different resistance levels (from light to XX-heavy). Plus they are made of natural latex and are tear-resistant for heavy-duty daily usage.

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