11 of The Best Health, Fitness, and Motivational Podcasts

11 of The Best Health, Fitness, and Motivational Podcasts

Sticking to a workout program requires a lot of motivation — and if inspirational quotes on Instagram just aren’t cutting it, you might want to consider subscribing to some health podcasts.

Health and fitness podcasts are an easy, convenient resource to help you stay on-track. You can listen to them while you commute to work, run errands, tidy up, or even during a workout. Here are some of the best health, fitness, and motivational podcasts to keep you informed and inspired.


Motivational Podcasts

The Model Health Podcast

With millions of listener downloads, The Model Health Podcast is one of the most popular motivational podcasts out there, and for good reason — with a wide breadth of topics covered, there’s something for everyone. Episode #299 is a solid starting point, with tips for breaking out of your comfort zone and finding purpose within your fitness goals.

The BodyLove Podcast

Inspiration isn’t just about getting motivated to work out — Jessi Haggerty’s BodyLove Podcast will inspire you to love yourself a little bit more. Rather than focusing on weight loss, Haggerty talks to experts and real people about wellness topics like intuitive eating, body positivity, and the “healthy at every size” approach. You’ll walk away from every episode feeling confident, self-assured, and motivated to be your best self.


Hurdle is ideal for anyone who’s faced a setback or is going through a bit of a rough patch. Emily Abbate, CPT and fitness writer, hosts this motivational podcast featuring guests — from entrepreneurs to celebrity trainers — who turned to wellness to overcome (you guessed it) a hurdle in their lives. Their stories will inspire you to stay focused on your goals, no matter what.


Fitness Podcasts

Ali On The Run

Ali On The Run is a fitness podcast that spotlights industry leaders — including athletes, coaches, and social media influencers — who are killing the fitness game right now. Listening to these fitness figures share their healthy habits and their stories of success (and failure!) will motivate you to be as badass and unstoppable as they are.

Fit For Thought Podcast

What makes Fit For Thought unique is its connection to technology and entrepreneurship. Host Alexandra Newton explores how technology is used to redefine how far the human body can go, talks to inspiring health and fitness entrepreneurs, and offers practical tips on maximizing athletic performance. Not only will you be inspired, but you’ll walk away feeling a little bit smarter too.

MindPump: Raw Fitness Truth

MindPump is a fitness podcast for anyone who hates BS and wishes people would just give it to them straight. With over one million listens in more than 100 countries, this podcast aims to be “raw, sometimes shocking, [and] always entertaining and informative,” with a special focus on cutting through the misconceptions in health and getting to the truth.

The Dumbbells

If you want to add some comedy to your motivational game, The Dumbbells is the health podcast for you. Hosted by comedians Eugene Cordero and Ryan Stanger, you’ll learn about “Training Dirty, Eating Clean, and Living In-Between,” as their website promises. Guests include comedians, actors, and entertainers (like D’Arcy Carden, Nicole Byer, and Lauren Lapkus) for plenty of LOLs while you learn about fitness.


Health Podcasts

Nutrition Matters

Paige Smathers, R.D. and food therapist, takes a deeper look into the underlying causes of issues surrounding health, weight loss, eating disorders, hormonal issues, and how we teach healthy lifestyles to our children. This health podcast is for anyone who loves to ask why when talking about wellness.

TED Talks Health

TED Talks Health is a super-comprehensive health podcast that covers all things food, fitness, and wellness — so you can gain a deeper understanding of your body and your health choices. Expert guests offer science-backed advice on topics ranging from better quality sleep to mental health to concrete tips for healthier daily habits.

The Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous

This health podcast is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have a ton of time, or a long attention span. Episodes usually run just 10 to 15 minute long and deliver simple, easily digestible ways to elevate your eating habits. Questions like “How can I get more fiber?” and “Can you lose weight by eating more often?” get answered in tiny, bite-sized doses.

Diet Starts Tomorrow

This funny, relatable health podcast comes to you from the women at Betches Media and promises a “no-bullsh*t perspective of real women who have experienced the struggle throughout most of their lives, and have come to lose substantial weight.” How can you control late-night cravings? What’s the deal with celery juice? These questions and more are answered — with plenty of humor, so you’ll feel like you’re getting a pep talk from your BFFs.


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