The Best Gift Ideas (That Aren't a Gym Membership) for Fitness Beginners

“Just lace up your sneakers and go!” Anyone who’s just getting into fitness has probably heard these words of encouragement. And yes, you only need the bare essentials to get started — but this gift guide is all about the fun tech gadgets and fitness gear that can keep your friends and family motivated all year long.

So whether you’re shopping for a workout newbie or a fitness fanatic — or you just need a few ideas for your own holiday wish list — think beyond a gym membership or a pair of sneakers. These clever gift ideas can help make healthy living a lot more enjoyable.

24 Gift Ideas for Fitness Beginners

R-Gear Super Breathable No-Show Socks
You know you’re officially an adult when you actually want to unwrap a pair of socks. But good socks really do make a world of difference — breathable fabric keeps your feet from feeling swampy, and flat seams help prevent blisters on your toes.
Price: $32.99
best fitness gift ideas

Oster MyBlend Personal Blender
We know the struggle — you whip up a delicious smoothie in the morning, and you come home to a blender caked with dried banana. Keep your dish-washing to a minimum with this mini blender that mixes perfect smoothies in a grab-and-go sports bottle.
Price: $17.99
best fitness gift ideas

A Workout Streaming Subscription
Friends don’t let friends do the same workout every single day. With a streaming subscription, you can choose a routine that works best for you — or try something brand new (barre, anyone?) without feeling awkward.
best fitness gift ideas

KOR ONE Rose Gold Water Bottle
This 25-ounce bottle makes it easy to hydrate mid-workout with its unique elliptical shape, one-touch opener, and wide spout for easy chugging. But let’s be real — they had us at “rose gold.”
Price: $30
best fitness gift ideas

Gaiam On-the-Go Yoga Mat Carrier
Give your sweaty yoga mat a chance to breathe between workouts with this open-air carrier. An internal strap keeps your mat secure, while the outer pockets hold your wallet, keys, and phone.
Price: $12.73
best fitness gift ideas

OXO Good Grips Tabletop Spiralizer
From zoodles to riced carrots to cucumber-noodle salad, spiralized veggies are a game-changer for anyone trying to eat more veggies or kickstart a low-carb lifestyle.
Price: $39.94
best fitness gift ideas

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands
Perfect for a jet-setting friend, these go-anywhere exercise bands are versatile enough for a full-body workout, but small enough to tuck inside a carry-on bag.
Price: $10.95
best fitness gift ideas

Forks Over Knives Cookbook
Know someone who needs a little bit of Meatless Monday inspo? This cookbook is full of yummy plant-based recipes that you don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy.
Price: $11.49
best fitness gift ideas

InstantPot Duo 60 7-in-1
There’s a reason people are obsessed with this do-it-all appliance — it multitasks as a pressure cooker, a rice cooker, a slow cooker, a sauté pan, and a steamer, making last-minute meal prep easy.
Price: $89.99
best fitness gift ideas

Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope
File this under “things you didn’t know you needed” — a jump rope that won’t hit the ceiling or knock over everything in your apartment.
Price: $11.99
best fitness gift ideas

WODFitters Pull-Up Assistance Bands
Check “do a pull-up” off your list of fit goals. These thick resistance bands offset some of your body weight, so you can gradually work your way up to an unassisted pull-up.
Price: $10.99+
best fitness gift ideas

OOFOS OOriginal Sandals
Need a pair of sandals for the grimy gym shower? Don’t torture your tired feet with dollar-store flip-flops. These recovery sandals are designed to soothe sore feet. (There’s a reason marathoners swear by them!)
Price: $47.96+
best fitness gift ideas

Fitbit Alta
Not everyone needs a fitness watch with all the bells and whistles that costs half a rent payment. This no-frills activity tracker covers the basics — counting steps, tracking sleep patterns, and recording active minutes.
Price: $99.95
best fitness gift ideas

Zensah Argyle Compression Socks
A pair of snug compression socks can ease swelling in your legs for a more comfortable workout — and these are actually stylish.
Price: $17.86
best fitness gift ideas

Milk + Honey Muscle Soak No. 18
If you can’t afford to send your friend on a spa vacay, this is the next best thing — a bath soak for sore muscles with eucalyptus, arnica, rosemary, and sweet marjoram.
Price: $26
best fitness gift ideas

Awake-ish Workout Tank
Up before dawn to squeeze in a sweat session before work? Get some workout gear that shows how you really feel.
Price: $25
best fitness gift ideas

JBL Reflect Contour 2 Wireless Headphones
The perfect playlist can help you power through a tough workout. Listen to yours through these sweatproof earbuds with a 10-hour battery life and an ear hook design that won’t fall out mid-burpee.
Price: $79.96
best fitness gift ideas

Letter Board
Give your friend some daily inspo by posting one of your favorite motivational fitness quotes on this letter board.
Price: $27.99
best fitness gift ideas

YUNI Shower Sheets
No time to take a full shower after the gym? No worries — freshen up your sweatiest spots with these body wipes.
Price: $15
best fitness gift ideas

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller
Foam rollers feel like pure torture, but in a good way — and there’s no denying they help with muscle recovery. It’s kind of like treating your friend to unlimited deep-tissue massages.
Price: $26.24
best fitness gift ideas

Barbell Cufflinks
Show your weightlifting friend you support their beast-mode goals with a quirky pair of weight plate cufflinks.
Price: $45
best fitness gift ideas

Hangry Headband
Grab this moisture-wicking headband for that friend who spends 90 percent of their workout thinking about what they’re going to eat afterwards.
Price: $15.99
best fitness gift ideas

Food Exercise Sleep Wellness Journal
For someone who’s just starting a workout program, keeping a journal can help with goal-setting and motivation. This wellness journal is the perfect place to plan workouts, record meals, and track progress.
Price: $14.95
best fitness gift ideas

Dumbbell Patent Print
This isn’t your typical cheesy motivational fitness poster — we love the industrial vibe of this wall art, inspired by the patent design for a dumbbell.
Price: $4.99+
best fitness gift ideas