Want to Build Up Your Butt? Add These 8 Workout Tools to Your Cart ASAP

Want to Build Up Your Butt? Add These 8 Workout Tools to Your Cart ASAP

There’s no denying that building your butt is in style — but there’s more to gain than a cute booty when you strengthen your behind. The different glute muscles are majorly involved with basic daily movements. (Here’s a refresher on butt muscle anatomy if it’s been a while.)

Strengthening your glutes doesn’t just mean a rounder, perkier derrière. Building glute strength and learning how to keep your glutes activated can also make your daily movements easier and keep your lower back happy.

You can totally grow a booty and keep your glutes strong with bodyweight exercises alone (as Just Bring Your Body proves!), but the best butt workout machines help you tap into these muscles and challenge them.

Before you buy, check out our handy guide to the best butt workout tools of 2021. It’ll help you decide which ones are worth getting behind (ha!).

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1. Barre Ball

woman using barre ball | best butt workout tools

Glute bridges getting too easy? Place this ball under one foot and try doing the single-leg version. Relying on one leg instead of two will challenge your glutes (and strengthen them), and the ball’s instability will recruit the smaller glute muscles to help out. You’ll also use the ball in your XB Pilates workouts.

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2. Ankle Weights

ankle weights | best butt workout tools

Ankle weights are an easy way to challenge your muscles after bodyweight exercises start to feel easy. They also make it easier to ramp up donkey kicks, comparable to balancing a dumbbell in the crook of your knee.

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3. Pilates Bar Kit

pilates bar kit | best butt workout tools

This lightweight kit becomes a squat bar without taking up the space of a squat rack. The resistance bands loop around your feet to challenge your glutes without weights.

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4. Resistance Bands

5 set resistance bands | best butt workout tools

This set of bands comes in a range of resistance levels so that you can continue to use them as you get stronger. Even better, you can use them for at-home workouts that target your upper or lower body because of their versatility. These are one of the best butt workout tools!

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5. Adjustable Kettlebell

adjustable kettlebell | best butt workout tools

Nothing lights up your glutes like sets of kettlebell swings. With an adjustable kettlebell, you only need one piece of equipment as you get stronger. (It’s like several of the best butt workout tools in one!) It can also be balanced on your hips to crank up glute bridges to sculpt the glute-ham tie-in (also known as the under-butt).

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6. Glute Cord System Cable Machine

glute cord booty band | best butt workout tools

Gym not open? You can still do cable kickbacks or standing side leg lifts. This system hooks to a door, which means you can log a glute workout at home or when you travel.

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7. Hip Circles

hip circles | best butt workout tools

Hip circles look like resistance bands, but the material is different. These are thicker and stretch less, making them perfect for lighting up your glutes during exercises like hip thrusts and straight leg deadlifts. (Glute thrusts are a solid glute bodyweight exercise, but a hip circle can help cue you to push your knees out, which targets your butt muscles.) Save the thinner resistance bands for exercises that require a lighter weight, such as side leg raises.

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8. Row-N-Ride

row n ride machine | best butt workout tools

Setting up a squat rack at home isn’t always feasible. But this simple piece of equipment makes it possible to squeeze in a few sets from the comfort of your own home. It also positions your body correctly to target your glutes instead of your quads.

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