The 4 Best Ab Workout Tools of 2022 — Plus 3 to Avoid

The 4 Best Ab Workout Tools of 2022 — Plus 3 to Avoid

You’ve got your nutrition dialed in, but that’s not everything you need for your abs to show. You’ll also need to build up muscle in your core if you’re looking to reveal a classic six-pack. (A strong core will also help with stability and power — both in and out of the gym.)

For a killer ab workout at home, you might consider stocking up on ab workout tools. Some of these can help take your core training to the next level and let you hit a variety of exercises. Others are a waste of time and cash.

Here’s which ab workout tools in 2022 are worth your money (hint, there aren’t many) and which ones you should skip.

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1. Gliding Disks

elite sportz core sliders | best ab workout tools

Keeping your core stable as you move your arms is challenging for most people to do correctly. Adding these gliding disks takes many ab moves to the next level. As a bonus, you can use these for movements that work other areas of your body, such as your legs or chest.

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2. Exercise Ball

urbnfit exercise ball | best ab workout tools

Planks getting, dare we say, a little easy? Use an exercise ball under your forearms to light up your core. Having to maintain stability adds a new challenge. You can also use the ball under your ankles to tackle stability ball exercises like leg tucks or pikes as you build ab strength.

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3. Dumbbells

balancefrom dumbbells | best ab workout tools

As your at-home ab workouts get easier, you might want to add weight to keep progressing. A simple set of dumbbells is a powerful tool for ramping up core-building moves like Russian twists — and you’ll get plenty of use out of them in your other workouts.

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4. Ab Roller Wheel

vinsguir ab roller | best ab workout tools

When used properly, the wheel works just about every muscle in your core — and you will feel the burn! But be careful: Don’t let your hips sag while using it. Go slowly, and make sure that you’re keeping your back flat and using your core (rather than your arms or hips) to power you through the movement.

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3 Ab Workout Tools to Avoid

Unfortunately, there are some ab workout tools that make big promises but deliver little returns. These are just three, but there are others to be wary of. In general, keep an eye out for any workout tool that promises fitness results with less work.

1. Ab stimulator

ab stimulator | best ab workout tools

This machine claims to use electronic pulses to tone, tighten, and strengthen your abs. Trust us when we say that some hard work is required for strong and visible abs. If you won’t take our word for it, though, there are plenty of reviewers who will tell you that they didn’t see any results.


2. Waist trainer

waist trainer | best ab workout tools

Yes, this will make your torso sweat more. But, also yes, weight loss from sweating is temporary. If you like the way it smooths your chest and torso, go for it. If you’re buying it to help you lose fat off your torso, skip it.


3. Ab rocket

ab rocket | best ab workout tools

Despite its claims of supporting your head and back as you crunch, many reviews of the Ab Rocket report neck strain. Stick to crunches to target your abs, keeping your lower back pressing firmly into that mat or floor.