5 Reasons Why Stretching Should Be Part of Your Daily Routine

5 Reasons Why Stretching Should Be Part of Your Daily Routine

Although it might be tempting to skip a stretch session before or after a workout, you could be missing out on big benefits. Stretching exercises don’t just help your body get extra bendy, they’re also a key component of overall fitness. Whether you’re a runner, HIIT enthusiast, or an Xtend Barre regular, stretching is essential.

What are some of the benefits of stretching daily? Openfit Live Trainer Jennifer Fuller shares her thoughts on the top five benefits of stretching.

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1. Increased Flexibility and Mobility

“As we age, or suffer from injury or illness, our flexibility, mobility, and general range of motion is decreased or compromised,” says Fuller. However, we can help reverse “the effects of aging, injury, or illness by adding in a regular stretching routine. Also, stretching is very light or gentle and can be done as an active recovery.”

If you stay committed to a regular stretching routine, such as XB Stretch, your flexibility will increase over time as your body gets used to a consistent stretching regimen.

Static stretching can also help you increase or maintain mobility, keeping your joints healthy and moving through their full range of motion.


2. Improved Posture

woman stretching her back | benefits of stretching

Stretching can help lengthen the muscle fibers, which leads to better alignment that helps support your entire body, especially along the spine. Just a bit of stretching can improve posture, which is important, says Fuller, since poor posture can place stress on the joints and cause premature wear and tear. But that’s not all good posture can bring.

“The benefits of good posture are numerous, from increased energy, improved circulation and digestion, decreased neck and shoulder tension, reduced headaches, plus many more,” she says.

It may also help you breathe better, during a workout and for the rest of the day. Because you minimize time spent hunching — a very common situation with so much computer work these days — it will create more space for your lungs to expand.


3. Injury Prevention

One of the top benefits of stretching is what it prevents. Not only will your joints be better supported, but your increased range of motion will reduce resistance on your muscles during exercise.

Preparing your body for a workout by getting muscles warm will help reduce the risks associated with injury, says Fuller.

“You cannot go wrong with stretching prior to any workout,” she says. “Stretching can benefit even the non-athlete. Injury prevention is key for all ages and all ability levels.”


4. Increased Energy

family dancing at home | benefits of stretching

Stretching increases the blood flow to the muscles and organs, says Fuller. This will give a sensation of more energy and vitality.

“In a world of go, go, go, we can all use that added increase of energy,” she says. With that efficient blood flow, you’ll also be getting more nutrients to your muscles and joints, supporting them for whatever training you take on.


5. Better Recovery

Feeling like you can’t move properly a day or two after a workout isn’t a badge of honor — instead, it’s an indication that you likely need to adjust your exercise progression. Stretching can help, Fuller believes, since it brings increased blood flow and nutrient delivery to the muscles.

“Stretching and hydrating the muscles after a workout helps with post-workout muscle fatigue,” says Fuller.

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