5 Surprising Benefits of Morning Exercise

5 Surprising Benefits of Morning Exercise

/span>Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Those words of wisdom from old Benny (Franklin, that is) make a lot of sense. Morning people pride themselves on being more productive, more successful, and more energized — and they sure act like they’ve got their stuff together (at least to us night owls).

Once you get into the healthy routine of waking up early in the morning to exercise, you may come to appreciate the quiet stillness of the day, and your first perfect cup of coffee. It’s supposedly a magical time of day when you can have a moment to yourself.

While the best time to exercise is still the time when you will work out consistently, there are other benefits to getting your sweat on early in the day, too.

So, don’t press that snooze button yet — just get up and get going.

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1. If You Work Out in the Morning, You May End Up Being More Productive

Benefits of Morning Exercise

There’s something to be said about checking the exercise box off on your to-do list first thing in the morning. Getting up and exercising before most of the world awakens is a great feeling and can be very motivating. Afterwards, you’ll feel so clear and calm, and be set for a more successful day. Additionally, research shows working out in the morning can improve your attention and decision-making, helping you to be more focused and productive.


2. Working Out in the Morning Means More Family Time After Work

While health is a top priority, and fitting in workout time is mandatory, family likely comes first. And it’s nice getting ready for the day without feeling like everything is in total crisis mode. If you can train yourself to work out before the sun rises, and before the kids (and the cats) wake up, you can spend more time with them, appreciatively, before you head to the office. Plus, after work hours, you can go right home instead of waiting in line for a crowded treadmill somewhere.


3. A Benefit of Morning Exercise? Beating Your Boss to the Office

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That’s right — get it all done before your coworkers even wake up. Ever had an unexpected deadline or a last-minute 4:30 p.m. meeting crop up to sabotage your evening exercise plans? Like always. Ever skipped a workout because you’re just too tired at the end of the day? For many, exercise is more likely to happen if you do it first thing.


4. Work Out in the A.M. and You May Feel Less Stressed Throughout the Day

We all have anxious moments thinking about deadlines or maybe feeling overwhelmed during a long commute. A morning workout can take some of the edge off to help ease daily stress, and potentially support blood pressure levels, too. (Say good-bye, road rage!) Studies show that even just 10 minutes of exercise can provide psychological benefits, including lifting your mood.


5. A Morning Workout May Improve Your Mental Focus

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What do you do after the a.m. workout? Shower, slam a healthy breakfast, and get to work, right? Perfect timing to kickstart your concentration and memory skills. Exercise (in general) has been shown to support brain health, and morning exercise may also enhance job performance. How? Well research shows that working out in the morning versus in the afternoon helps you to get a more sound sleep i.e. significantly more time spent in deep sleep and less instances of wakening up throughout the night and spending time awake. Getting sound sleep allows you to be more alert and focused.


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