Learn Pilates in 3 Short Weeks With Lisa Hubbard on Openfit!

Learn Pilates in 3 Short Weeks With Lisa Hubbard on Openfit!

If you’ve always wanted to try Pilates, but didn’t know where to start, you’re in luck.  You don’t need to find a local studio or buy any expensive equipment — you’ll find a simple solution here on Openfit. Beginner Pilates with Lisa Hubbard is a three-week mat Pilates program specially designed for Pilates newbies.

Lisa is an internationally recognized Pilates instructor and has a large and devoted following on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts, which showcase her style of graceful, flexibility-focused movements.

Now, she’s bringing her beginner-focused introduction to Pilates right here to Openfit starting February 2021. Anyone with an Openfit membership is welcome to join Lisa’s classes and follow along on social media with her and other Openfit teammates.

Make sure you join the Openfit Teammates Facebook group by February 8th, where Lisa will be sharing tips, advice, and encouragement for those who are doing her Beginner Pilates program. Plus, you’ll be able to connect with other people doing the workouts!

Lean and tone your body with Lisa’s beginner Pilates program, available exclusively on Openfit. Sign up for Openfit here to get started!


Who Is Lisa Hubbard?

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Lisa has dedicated more than 20 years to training in and teaching Pilates. As an internationally-recognized authority in the industry, she has appeared in Pilates DVDs, textbooks, and even on the cover of Pilates Style magazine (twice!). Lisa discovered Pilates through her dance background, and fell in love with it immediately, finding connection with its grace and beautiful movement.

Recently named a Top Motivational and Pilates Influencer in 2020, Lisa brings her passion, creativity, and limitless energy to every Pilates class she leads. That’s made her a fan favorite on Instagram, particularly with those who are new to this type of exercise. Her goal is to help beginners experience the body-toning benefits of Pilates as quickly as possible, guiding them through the fundamentals so they can experience the pleasure of simple movement right away.

“Pilates is my passion,” says Lisa. “It’s my life. I was never a gym person. I’m someone who needs more of a body-mind connection, and Pilates gave me everything I dreamed of — movements that look beautiful and make your body feel fantastic. It’s really one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself!”


What Can You Expect From Beginner Pilates With Lisa Hubbard On Openfit?

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You won’t need any special equipment to get started with Lisa’s three-week Beginner Pilates program — all you need is a mat! You’ll start with simple movements, mastering Lisa’s signature floor moves and then progressing week by week as you increase strength, flexibility, and mobility, while lifting and toning your body in all the right places.

Her routines are about 30 minutes and fuse Pilates, yoga, and dance to engage muscles throughout your body.  Lisa’s clear and simple instructions ensure proper form and alignment for each exercise, and help you flow mindfully through the routines.

At the end of three weeks you’ll be tighter, leaner and more toned. We hope you also discover how fulfilling Pilates can be and use Openfit as your source for Pilates and all your other fitness needs.


How Do I Get Started?

Members of the Openfit app can access Beginner Pilates with Lisa Hubbard in the “Programs” tab on your home dashboard starting February 2021. If you want to do the program along with Lisa and other Openfit Teammates, be sure you’re signed up and ready to go for the class on the 1st.

In the weeks to come, look for more exclusive workout programs designed by some of the fitness world’s most popular influencers, including some names you’ll definitely recognize! You can join their classes and follow along on social media — it’s a great new way to jump into our large and growing fitness community here on Openfit!

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If you want to track your workouts and stay on top of the program, download the calendar here!


What Is Openfit?

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