The Best Openfit Bike Rides for Beginners

The Best Openfit Bike Rides for Beginners

When you’re just starting out on the MYX II bike, the breadth of rides can feel overwhelming. How do you know what to choose? While every ride certainly has its advantages and adventures, Openfit Senior Content Manager Melanie Melillo shares some of her insights and favorite beginner cycling workouts to kick off your Openfit cycling journey.

“Choosing the best rides is a tough one because I like them all,” she says. “But personally, I think the best thing about riding is the music, so for those people who like a particular genre of music we have theme rides.”

theme rides

“You’ll always get a fun playlist when you choose one of those,” she says. In addition to theme rides, you’ll find, climb rides, endurance rides, and HIIT rides for all levels.

Levels range from 1 through 3, one being the most beginner-friendly and 3 being the most challenging. Level 3 riders are expected to have some familiarity with indoor cycling in regards to terminology and intensity. If this isn’t yet you, you can start with a Level 1 ride where there will be instruction specifically for a beginner, Melillo says. Once you’ve got the basics down, you can move up in intensity to a level 2.

Wondering where to begin? Melillo says to give one or more of these beginner cycling workouts a try.

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15-Minute Disco Warm-Up Ride With Jesse

15 minute disco warm up ride with Jesse

Melillo says this one is awesome for doing before a core or strength workout. Beginning with a short burst of cardio can help round out your fitness routine, as it’s designed to wake up your body and warm up your muscles. (And, honestly, who doesn’t love disco?)


10-Minute HIIT Ride With Christina

If you’re looking to get familiar with how high intensity interval training (HIIT) works on a bike, Melillo recommends Christina’s 10-minute class. “This quick HIIT ride uses all 2:1 workout intervals. You start with recovery intervals that are two times as long as the work and progress quickly to work intervals that are two times as long as the rest!  This is a perfect ride for a beginner to get familiar with what a HIIT Ride is like.”


20-Minute Country Climb Ride With Davanna

20 minute country climb ride with davanna

“I love country music and Davanna is from Virginia and has the best ‘y’all,'” says Melillo. “Even more importantly, this ride is great for practicing out-of-the-saddle strength work and really teaches a beginning rider how to master riding out of the saddle.” This class utilizes resistance to create the feeling of riding uphill.


20-Minute HIIT Ride With Justin

20 minute hit ride with Justin

HIIT is always a hard workout, but Melillo says Justin is so fun and encouraging that the time goes by much faster than you think. In Justin’s 20-minute HIIT class, you can anticipate short bursts of maximum intensity followed by recovery intervals. Melillo says, “HIIT rides are all about hitting Zone 3 during the work effort. A 10 Min HIIT ride will have little rest and focus solely on the interval ​whereas a longer HIIT ride, like this one, will have more recovery in between intervals.”


30 Minute Pop 2K Ride with Dyan

Dyan’s Pop 2K Ride is an endurance ride set to all of your favorite top-4os throwbacks. Aside from having a great pump-up soundtrack, Melillo recommends this ride for beginners because, “endurance ride help beginners get used to feeling uncomfortable without ever having to ‘go all out’.”


20-Minute Rhythm Ride With Christina

20 minute rhythm ride with Christina

Melillo says rhythm rides are all about connecting the beat of the music with the cadence of the rider, a skill that’s helpful during beginner cycling workouts.

“They are a true musical experience, tons of fun and the time flies by,” she says.


20-Minute Total 80’s Ride with Jesse

Melillo says this 20-minute ride is ideal for those looking to build strength out of the saddle. “This ride is perfect for a beginner to experience Openfit Home Studio theme rides and ​the totally awesome ’80s music will get you through the hills.”


10-Minute Recovery Ride With Dyan

10 minute recovery ride with Dyan

Dyan is the perfect trainer for beginners because she is so relatable and encouraging, Melillo notes. Plus, she adds that this ride is perfect for doing after a floor workout or a HIIT ride — or just on a day when you need a little extra motivation to move. With a recovery ride, you can anticipate a more slow-paced ride that works with a lower resistance and heart rate zone.


MYX+Openfit 7-Day Jumpstart


Apart from individual rides, consider the 7-Day Jumpstart program, designed for new riders to learn the fundamentals of their MYX II bike, as well as what’s involved with heart rate training. You’ll experience an array of trainers so you’ll get to see different styles, which always helps keep training fresh.

It’s not just for beginners, though. The program is a curated series of workouts that can suit any level, and provides structure when you need a restart. Changing it up with this type of program can be especially helpful when life gets busy and you need a set schedule to keep you on track.