Get to Know Openfit Live Trainer Bee Johnson

Get to Know Openfit Live Trainer Bee Johnson

If you’ve taken one of Bee Johnson’s Openfit Live classes, you know he’s all about bringing fun and energy to every class.

But you might not know that he almost followed another career path altogether.

After serving as a medical technician in the Air Force for four years, Bee spent 14 years working in the medical field, including stints as a surgical assistant and a pediatric medical assistant.

Then a friend suggested he channel his passion for fitness into a career as a trainer. After researching the industry and gaining experience at gyms near his home in Atlanta, Bee landed a full-time training gig and quit his 9-to-5.

“The rest is history!” he says.

Along with stretch sessions, kickboxing circuits, strength training workouts, and more, you might find Bee leading an Every Step Trivia Walk on Openfit Live — so here’s some need-to-know trivia about Bee.

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Openfit: What inspired you to enlist in the Air Force?

Bee: I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. At the time, I was living in Orlando and wanted to leave the city. The Air Force gave me a great starting point.

Any memorable stories to share from your time in the service?

Air Force -- Bee Johnson trainer

When I was 20 years old, I was deployed to Saudi Arabia a month or so after the Twin Towers fell. When our planes were landing, there were reports of rockets being shot at our planes. Fun times.

I was deployed for four months. The experience was challenging because I worked at the on-base ER and we treated U.S. Military and British Air Force patients. At the time, we had to wear head-to-toe chemical suits to protect us from possible chemical attacks. Luckily, that was my only deployment.

What led you from the medical field to a career in fitness?

I didn’t enjoy the medical field. My worst job was working in pediatrics — kids with colds and stomach viruses had me sick all the time.

I wanted to work doing something I enjoyed. A good friend of mine said, “Hey, you’re in great shape and love working out — you should help other people do the same thing.”

It’s funny — I had the solution to my work problem staring me in the face this whole time. So once I researched the industry and found out I what I needed to transition, I made the move.

Was there an “a-ha” moment when you knew switching careers was the right move?

My “a-ha” moment was when clients thanked me for helping them, or they mentioned that I helped them enjoy fitness again. It makes it all worthwhile. My proudest accomplishment is helping people lose weight and enjoy fitness.

What’s your favorite Openfit Live class?

kickboxing -- bee Johnson

My fave class to teach and take is anything to do with kickboxing. I really enjoy getting the Teammates amped up and ready to “fight.” It’s fun and fast and a great stress relief. Getting my clients excited about working out is a passion of mine.

How long have you been living in Atlanta?

I was born in Atlanta and moved away when I was young. I moved back after the military in 2003 — so almost 20 years now. Time flies.

My favorite thing about Atlanta is that you get four seasons. There’s good food and lots to do. When friends come into town, I take them to the Beltline or SunTrust Stadium.

What’s a hidden talent you have?

I’m a pretty good cook! I got into cooking when I started living on my own with no one to cook for me. It can be therapeutic.

It’s not always easy to stick to a nutrition plan when you’re a foodie. How do you balance your cooking skills with your healthy eating goals?

eating healthy -- Bee Johnson trainer

I only keep healthy food in the house, so I can stay on track! Some of my favorite recipes are salmon sandwiches and bang bang shrimp pasta.

Favorite food?

Shrimp pesto on angel hair pasta. Delish.

Favorite cheat meal?

A fried chicken sandwich from Shake Shack.


You also work as a music producer. How did you get into that?

I got into music when I was 15 years old. I used to write poetry, and my friend was a rapper and suggested I make the switch to start rapping. A mutual friend of ours was a producer, so I just watched him and fell in love with the process and the vibe of making beats.

My sound is hip-hop, but I like to use samples and sounds from different genres — pop, rock, soul, ’80s, ’90s — to keep the music fresh and energetic.

My life inspires my songwriting. For example, the single I just released called “That’s Right” is a story about me kicking it at a yacht party on Miami Beach in 2016.


What’s on your workout playlist?

workout playlist -- Bee Johnson trainer

Notorious B.I.G, Guns N’ Roses, Isley Bros, Jay-Z, Outkast, Michael Jackson — all types of artists and songs, really. I’m pretty random.


What’s your pet peeve?

People without integrity. Integrity is important to me because it means you have self respect, you’re self aware, and you respect the people around you.


Do you have any daily healthy rituals?

I walk around my neighborhood to collect my thoughts. It’s a one-mile walk, and sometimes I’ll do two laps. I usually do it mid-afternoon between classes and clients. It helps keep my mind at ease.


What’s your ideal way to spend a day off?

Making music, chilling on a beach with my wife, or kicking it with friends and family.


Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

Fitness-wise, I’ll say Arnold Schwarzenegger. He came from the bottom, with nothing, and rose to top. Dedication, consistency, and hard work — I like that formula!