Get Inspired With Andrea Roger's Go-To Workout Playlists

Get Inspired With Andrea Roger's Go-To Workout Playlists

Whether you’re blasting an EDM track to power through a high-intensity workout or playing ambient tunes during your morning meditation, your workout soundtrack can put you in the right mindset. “Music can set the tone and energy for your entire workout!” says Xtend Barre and XB Pilates creator Andrea Rogers.

So what’s the perfect playlist for your next Pilates or barre workout? “We use playlists that transition seamlessly to keep our movement flowing and our energy high,” Andrea says. “Our music is set in counts of eight, with a steady BPM to keep us moving at a safe tempo that will challenge the body while energizing the mind.”

Here are a few of Andrea’s tried-and-true workout playlists. Head over to the Openfit Spotify channel for even more playlist inspiration!

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Xtend Signature 1 Playlist

Each Xtend Signature workout has its own high-energy pop playlist, and it’s basically impossible to pick a favorite. But you can’t go wrong with this one, which includes tracks from Shawn Mendes, Dua Lipa, the Backstreet Boys, and more.

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Booty 1 Playlist

Looking for a workout playlist that’ll give you an instant mood boost? For this booty-sculpting workout, Andrea’s playlist is packed with upbeat pop songs from Florence and the Machine, Michael Jackson, DNCE, and more.

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Xtend Pilates 3 Playlist

With a mix of pop and electronica songs by St. Vincent, Clean Bandit, Nick Jonas, and more, this playlist will help you power through an intense Pilates workout — and you’ll probably walk away with a new favorite artist.

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Flexibility & Balance 2 Playlist

This relaxing, restorative workout calls for a chill playlist. Andrea’s picks include mellow tracks by Imagine Dragons, Cardi B, Kygo, and Drake.

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Cardio 2 Playlist

This Xtend Barre workout was designed to torch calories, and Andrea’s genre-hopping playlist will keep your energy up with tracks from Pitbull, Panic! at the Disco, Calvin Harris, and more.

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