Sad 4 Weeks of Focus Is Over? Here's Your Next Workout Fix

Sad 4 Weeks of Focus Is Over? Here's Your Next Workout Fix

You’ve finished 4 Weeks of Focus with Shay Mitchell, and hopefully you’re feeling strong and proud of yourself. But maybe you also can’t help but feel a bit… sad? It’s like the same feeling you get when you finish a really good book or TV show — you just don’t want it to end!

If you want to keep up your daily workouts, but are looking to switch things up a bit, we have good news for you. With your Openfit membership, you have access to many other programs and workouts that will help you continue your transformation after you complete 4 Weeks of Focus.

We have a whole selection of workouts to match your goals and interests. To help you get started, we hand-picked a few options that are the most similar to 4 Weeks of Focus.

Haven’t started your 4 Weeks of Focus yet? No worries! Get access to the workouts with your free Openfit trial here.


Strong + Solid With Lita Lewis

lita lewis - openfit - dumbbell lunge

Keep the positive female empowerment vibes going strong with Lita Lewis‘ workouts! As a fitness expert, motivational speaker, and life coach focused on building strong minds and bodies, Lita’s training philosophy is a great complement to Kelsey’s. Her program, Strong + Solid, is a perfect next step after 4 Weeks of Focus.

Lita will give you another four weeks of work with her fun flair added into the mix. Her program combines resistance, cardio, and HIIT training to help build stronger legs, a sculpted booty, and a tighter core. It’ll be a new challenge with different moves to help you keep building your gains!


Abs + Booty Burn With Jordan Morello

jordan on openfit set | after 4 weeks of focus

Some of you might have joined for Shay only to realize how much you love trainer Kelsey, too! Her energy and motivation make working out feel (dare we say it) fun, and she still makes sure you’re pushing yourself and making those gains.

If you like her good vibes, then you’ll likely also enjoy Jordan Morello‘s workouts. He’s all about keeping things light and enjoyable, while teaching you proper form and helping you push through the burn. He also offers exercise modifications, just like Kelsey does, so you can slowly ease into the moves until you build up enough strength.

With his easy going disposition, Jordan will lead you through a challenging mix of strength training and HIIT that’ll light up your abs and booty. So if you really want to focus on toning your butt and carving out your abs, he’s your go-to guy.

When everything’s said and done, Jordan owns that “work hard, play hard” mentality. He’s educational, approachable, and has big smiles and even bigger guns. What more could you ask for in a trainer?


Get the 4 Weeks of Focus Experience With Live Classes

woman taking live class | after 4 weeks of focus

Let’s face it: It might feel a little lonely going back to working out by yourself after 4 Weeks of Focus. (Seriously, who knew Shay would be such a relatable workout partner?) If you’ve found that exercise is more fun with company, try our Live classes!

These are live classes led by certified trainers who guide you through every step of a workout. If you opt to turn your camera on, the trainers can see you and give personalized feedback. (Don’t worry, only the trainer can see you!)

In these live classes, you’ll also get the chance to meet other amazing Openfit Teammates. You can message each other in the app as the class is happening and share motivational words or even cute dog pictures. These classes bring you the social element of a gym from the comfort of your own home!

To help you get started, we’ve picked out some live-class-equivalents of the 4 Weeks of Focus workouts. You can make a calendar for yourself and swap in some of these live classes.

4 Weeks of Focus with Openfit Live classes

live class version of 4 weeks of focus | after 4 weeks of focus

  • Weights: Total Body — Take your workout to the next level with this challenging strength class. All you need is a pair of dumbbells to participate.
  • HIIT & Abs 25 — Torch fat and build muscle from head-to-toe with this high intensity workout that can also help you sculpt a killer six pack.
  • Power and Core With Weights — Grab your weights and get ready for 30 minutes of power moves with core work in between.
  • Lower Body Strength With Weights — You’ll spend 25 minutes focusing on strengthening your legs and booty. No dumbbells? No problem. Grab a pair of equally weighted household objects like soup cans or water bottles.
  • Weights: Upper Body — Build a stronger chest and back while also training your arms in our upper body weights classes. Warning: after a few of these classes, you might start stretching your shirtsleeves.


Reach New Heights With Our Live Challenges

Openfit Live Challenges - what to do after 4 Weeks of Focus

If you love the idea of a Live class, but prefer something with more structure, check out our Live Challenges. These are live classes that are put into a strategic workout plan to help you reach a certain goal. The challenges range from a week to a month, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

To sign up for a challenge, head over to your Home tab on the app to see what’s coming up. As you make your way through the challenge, we’ll be keeping track of all the progress you make.

If you want to learn more about what challenges are available and how to get started, click here.


Hit Replay With Shay

shay pressing dumbbell overhead | after 4 weeks of focus

If 4 Weeks of Focus was totally your jam, who’s to say you can’t do it again? (Add this and The Office to the list of things you have perpetually on loop in your life.)

To keep building your gains in round two, make sure that you’re increasing the weights you use and the amount of reps that you perform. Even if they are the same workouts, lifting heavier or doing more reps will help you keep progressing and getting stronger.


Try Out the Many Other Openfit Programs!

As an Openfit member, you have access to a variety of live and on-demand classes. So if you’re looking to try something new after you’re done with 4 Weeks of Focus, here are a few more programs we recommend:

  • 600 Secs: On the days you’re really short on time, you can pack the benefits of a full workout into just 10 minutes with 600 Secs! This program uses short bursts of high-intensity exercise to maximize the burn while building muscle to help you get lean and strong.
  • Yoga52: If you want something to do on your active recovery days, try Yoga52. It’s led by world-class instructors who can guide you through moves designed to increase balance, coordination, mobility, and strength. For a longer dive into yoga, try our two-week or four-week challenges.
  • Rough Around the Edges: If you love the badass female vibe of 4 Weeks of Focus, then you should check out the energy found in Rough Around the Edges. Led by a team of professional stunt women, this program includes workouts like kickboxing, HIIT, and dance to get you fit and strong.