Get Started on MYX+Openfit With 7-Day Jumpstart!

Get Started on MYX+Openfit With 7-Day Jumpstart!

Whether you’re acquainting yourself with the MYXfitness Bike or returning from an exercise hiatus, figuring out how to get started can be the most challenging part. That’s why we created the 7-Day Jumpstart. We’ve done the planning and organizing for you — the only thing you have to do is jump on your bike. One week is all you need to start burning calories, challenging yourself, and seriously sweating — all while smiling and finding that back-in-the-workout-mindset motivation.

Turn your home into your gym with the cycling and cross-training workouts of MYX+Openfit. Get started here today!


What Is 7-Day Jumpstart?

Think of it as a week-long introduction (or re-introduction!) to MYX bike training. We’ve designed this seven-day series to let you try out a range of trainers, class types, workouts, and music. The program works for all fitness levels and incorporates workouts of different lengths and styles. It’s designed to expose you to the best MYX+Openfit has to offer.

For lots of us, a good class is all about the trainer. For others, it’s about the intensity, or the music, or the chance to target a certain muscle group. Whatever it is that motivates you to dig deep for a killer workout, 7-Day Jumpstart was designed to help you discover it.


Who Should Sign Up for 7-Day Jumpstart?


New to MYX+Openfit and looking for an easy way to get started? This is a great way to dive in — it’s got something for everybody. Without having to formulate a schedule or dig through program lists, you can simply enroll in this weeklong challenge and test out seven workouts with seven different trainers. It’s the perfect way to build your favorites list.

Want to try out more of our trainers and class styles? Every MYX+Openfit instructor is outstanding — and brings something unique to the table. If you want to get to know some of them, 7-Day Jumpstart is an easy way to meet seven new instructors.

Overwhelmed by Openfit’s vast library of workouts? We’ve done the prep work for you. This challenge is the perfect way to try seven unique workouts and trainers — no overthinking necessary.

Stuck in a rut and haven’t worked out in a couple of months? No judgement here. Let this weeklong challenge take the planning off your plate and push you to try out some new workouts.

Whatever your needs may be, 7-Day Jumpstart is all about highlighting the best MYX+Openfit has to offer. From our enthusiastic, experienced trainers to our wide variety of workout styles, 7-Day Jumpstart was built to show you everything you can do with MYX and Openfit. By the end of the week, you’ll have gotten an incredible workout from head to toe — and the motivation to keep pushing yourself.


Which Workouts Are Part of 7-Day Jumpstart?

Covering everything from cardio to strength to recovery, each day of the program features a different trainer who will lead class with a unique focus and combination of workout styles. From a 20-minute recovery ride to a 60-minute total body blast, this program encompasses it all. Our schedule below has all the details, and you can download the calendar here.


Day 1: 20-Minute Jumpstart with Justin

Justin will recap the fundamentals, give an intro to heart rate-based training, and show you how cadence can seriously help you maximize your workouts.

Day 2: 45-Minute Sweat + Sculpt with Miriam

In this total-body cross-training session, Miriam will warm you up on the bike then take you through a sculpt session with a core-focused finish.

Day 3: 30-Minute Dance Party with Davanna

This rhythm ride is focused on using the beat and cadence metrics. You’ll get your heart pumping in all three heart rate zones for your best burn.

Day 4: 30-Minute Ride + Recover with Dyan

HIIT meets yoga in this heart-pumping workout that will easily bump your HR into zone 3 before getting onto the mat for some yoga-inspired lower-body recovery.

Day 5: 30-Minute ’80s Rock Ride with Christina

It’s all about resistance and working your lower body in this themed ride. You’ll feel the burn in your legs and glutes as you twist ratchet up that resistance knob.

Day 6: 20-Minute Recovery Ride with Shaun

Active recovery is the key to consistency. Shaun will guide you in giving your body the TLC it deserves for working hard all week.

Day 7: 60-Minute Total-Body Cross Train with Jesse

Everything you need in one workout. You’ll start with cardio on the bike, push yourself with weights-focused strength training, then finish with a much-needed foam roll.


Great, I’m In! How Do I Sign Up?

Just head to the programs tab on your MYX+Openfit home screen or dashboard and you’ll find the 7-Day Jumpstart program listed there. Sign up and then get your sweat on!