Check Out the Incredible Results from 600 Secs!

Check Out the Incredible Results from 600 Secs!

You’re busy. We get it. Between work/family/school/insert other time-consuming activity here, it might seem like you don’t have any time to exercise. But here’s the thing… you do. If you have at least 10 spare minutes in your day, you do have time to exercise, get fit, and even lose weight. Just look at these results from 600 Secs as proof.

This Openfit program is comprised of 10-minute classes that are effective and time-efficient. They include HIIT and weight lifting, and target every single muscle group. Do them at home, at the gym, or while you’re traveling — most of the classes require zero or minimal equipment!

Do just one 10-minute class when you’re really short on time, or stack two or three together. 600 Secs works for your schedule, no matter how packed it is.

Stick to it, and you’ll start to see some serious results. Check out these people who lost weight, trimmed inches, and built muscle with 600 Secs! When you’re ready to give it a try yourself, sign up for a free Openfit trial and get started today.


Check Out These Amazing 600 Secs Results!

Joey N. Lost 41 Pounds

600 Secs Results

I was the biggest I had ever been and was tired of struggling to lose weight. I’m also super busy and I don’t have a lot of free time. But 600 Secs allowed me to get a killer workout and have more time left in the day, compared to working out at the gym.

600 Secs is also so easy to access. I love that I can do the workouts anywhere without having to have extensive gym knowledge or equipment. It’s a lot of fun — it’s tough, but it’s worth it.

The high-intensity workouts are challenging and quick. I’m constantly pushing myself, sweating, and panting. Now, I have a lot more energy and my stomach is getting flat!

I took the Recovery post-workout supplement and it was delicious. It felt like I was rewarding myself for the work I’ve done. After I would take it, I felt re-energized, and the next morning I wouldn’t feel as sore as I would not taking it.”


Tanner A. Lost 30 Pounds

600 Secs Results

“I was tired of not seeing results in the gym and wanted to try something different in hopes of seeing results before the summer.

Out the gate, Devin pushes you hard and keeps you moving for 10 minutes. You’ll be sweating in no time, and by the end, you will feel proud and accomplished!

Now, I have a lot more energy in the day, and I feel stronger and faster. For the first time ever, I can see abs. Best of all, I lost 30 pounds!

My favorite thing about 600 Secs is the great workout you can get in just 10 minutes and how you can stack or customize the workouts. Get ready to sweat in a short amount of time and give it your all!”


Aliika W. Lost 29.4 Pounds

600 Secs Results

“Before 600 Secs, I was so out of shape. I was always tired and didn’t like how my clothes fit. I’ve tried different programs, and many can be scary when they include workouts that are 45 minutes to an hour. Once I saw how 600 Secs was set up, it was a must try!

Since I’ve done 600 Secs, my energy is through the roof — this program has motivated me and made me stronger. Now I am confident to do more challenging exercises that in no way I could do before!

Devin is the best trainer I have seen so far. He designed the program for anyone to follow. When I saw someone modify the moves without feeling ashamed, it really helped me in the beginning of the program. Now I only have to modify on certain moves, and this is so exciting for me.

The ultimate thing is that you can do these workouts anywhere. Heck, I even did it waiting at the airport when my flight was delayed! It just shows you the program is easy to access and 10 minutes out of your day to be healthy is nothing!

If you’re thinking about trying 600 Secs, don’t overthink it, just do it! It is so worth the 10 minutes and your body will thank you.”


Marzia L. Lost 26.5 Pounds

600 Secs Results

“Before 600 Secs I was in a bad place. I wasn’t feeling well, had low self-esteem, and couldn’t wear any of the clothes that I wanted. I don’t really like going to the gym because I don’t know what to do, and it would take too much time out of my day. I was so surprised that you can actually get a good workout in just 10 minutes with 600 Secs!

In only 60 days, I lost 25.5 pounds, and I feel fantastic, wonderful, and happy! I lost my round, big face, I have smaller arms, and my waistline is a lot smaller. I can now fit a lot of my clothes that I couldn’t before!

I feel amazing, excited, beautiful, and my self-esteem is finally back. Plus, with 600 Secs, I can work out at home, at my friend’s house, or even outside. I feel strong again!”


Belky R. Lost 25.6 Pounds

600 Secs Results - Openfit

“Before this program, I felt physically and mentally overwhelmed, stressed, and ashamed. I wasn’t happy with myself as a whole.

Now, my overall fitness has improved, and I’m happy to see how much my body has changed with all of the weight loss! I also love how strong and flexible I’ve become!

This program makes working out fun and accessible. It’s the easiest way to get in shape on your own time. It may only be 10 minutes, but it’s nonstop movement that utilizes your whole body. You quickly learn that it’s not as easy as it may seem!

What makes Devin so special is his energy. I can’t say enough about how amazing his personality is! He’s a wonderful, motivating trainer and helps you challenge yourself in such a fun and positive manner.

I’ve been using the Openfit Fuel Pre-Workout Formula and I love it! It helps give a great natural burst of energy and focus that doesn’t leave me feeling jittery and doesn’t have me crashing afterward.”


Amy T. Lost 24.1 Pounds

600 Secs Results - Openfit

“Before starting 600 Secs, I felt like I was dragging around extra weight on my body that was slowing me down. I was accepting of my body, but wanted to be smaller and healthier.

Now, I have a true hourglass figure! I lost 24 pounds and 15 inches off my body. It’s amazing how the weight started dropping off — even in that first week I saw big changes.

I’m a lot stronger than I was before, too. I can do a pull-up all by myself and I don’t have to modify any exercises. 600 Secs is just what I needed to get the results I want in the least amount of time.

My favorite thing about the program is that it’s so well-rounded. It works every muscle group so that you can build a balanced body. I’ve had trouble finding programs that incorporate both strength training and cardio — this program checks all the boxes!

I love taking the Recovery Post-Workout Formula. It really helps with my muscle soreness and the extra boost of protein makes me feel nourished. The shake is really refreshing after a hard workout and it tastes great!”


Frank M. Lost 16.8 Pounds

600 Secs Results - Openfit

“We all have demands on our time, but we can always find 10 minutes to focus on ourselves. 600 Secs is the perfect program for anyone committed to fitness and health, or working toward getting back in shape.

I get my workouts done as soon as I wrap up work for the day. It’s a great way to relieve stress and get a killer workout. I also start my day with 600 Secs of Flexibility to get off to a great start for the day.

Ten minutes is more than enough time to get a great workout. It may not seem like much but I dare anyone to go through a 600 Secs of Abs workout… IT. WILL. WORK!”


Alexander M. Lost 13.6 Pounds

600 Secs Results - Openfit

“After doing this program, my stamina has improved immensely, I maintained muscle mass, trimmed away a lot of fat, and have gotten stronger overall.

My favorite thing is that the workouts can fit anywhere in my schedule, and you can take them anywhere. I could wake up 20 minutes earlier, do it on my break, while I’m waiting for the laundry to finish… I’ve literally done my whole workouts at the park or the beach and it’s been amazing. It’s a great way to burn some calories in small windows in my busy daily life.

Devin is an amazing trainer. He’s always there with a smile on his face, pushing you to your limits and helping you achieve goals you didn’t know were attainable.

The Fuel Pre-Workout Formula helped me kick into gear, especially after a long, slow day at work. I never felt jittery after taking it. And Recovery helped me reduce the muscle soreness during my recovery and helped provide me with the essential proteins to repair my muscles.”


Brie B. Lost 7.2 Pounds

600 Secs Results - Openfit

“Before this program, I felt sluggish, stiff, and really unhappy with how my body was after having a baby. I felt pretty lost in regards to what I needed to do to achieve the physical shape I was dreaming of.

I jumped on the opportunity to start 600 Secs because of its short format, combination of cardio and resistance training, and the fact that I didn’t need to drive to a gym or work around a studio’s schedule.

In the first 30 days, I started to see a drastic shift in the definition in my arms and abs. What I’ve seen in 60 days… wow. I don’t have to tell friends I’ve been working out because they notice as soon as they see me!

My hips and thighs have very noticeably shrunk and I am happily back in pants I haven’t been able to wear in a few years! M stomach is flat and toned now, and I see a six-pack, which I’ve never had before! I lost over seven pounds and gained a lot of muscle, especially in my arms.

600 Secs is the perfect solution to my scattered schedule. Ten minutes is so easy to fit into the day, and the fact that I can stream it at home, or anywhere for that matter, really gives me no excuse to not accomplish a workout every day.”