6 Things Only Night Owls Will Understand

6 Things Only Night Owls Will Understand

If you’re a night owl you know that mornings are a time to be suffered through. When you thrive is deep in the small hours of the night. If it were up to you, the work day would start at 5 p.m. and end at 1 a.m. Unfortunately, the world is tailored to your bitter nemesis, the early bird. But you can take comfort in the advantages that your chipper-in-the-morning counterparts don’t have.


1. Creativity Happens After Dark

Several studies confirm what you already know: Night owls are smarter and more creative — so long as we’re taking about after dark. Going to sleep later and waking up later can be correlated to being more intelligent and creative. So the next time someone makes fun of you for sleeping until noon, you can remind them who’s going to be up late doing something great.

2. Good Things Come to Those Who Stay Up All Night

Just as early mornings are great for beating long coffee lines, late nights are a great time to run errands when everyone else is tucked in for the night. (Pro tip: Grocery shopping at 11 p.m. = no checkout lines and rockstar parking.) You can catch up on chores, bullet journaling, and the news without being interrupted by the waking world and its accompanying hustle and bustle.


3. It’s OK to Revel in Your Darkness

A study published in Personality and Individual Differences found that night owls were far more likely to have the “dark triad” traits of narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism. But intelligent and creative night owls are good at channeling that negativity and darkness into something beautiful, whether it’s putting in long hours at your job or creating art late at night. (At the very least, now you have a reason to print up T-shirts that say “I Have the Dark Triad.”)


4. Who Needs Caffeine to Stay Up Late?

You might need a giant cup of joe to wake up every morning, but not to keep working into the small hours of the morning. You just get a boost because that’s how your body’s clock is tuned. The best news: This trait that helps you to get a ton done after the sun goes down also makes you the life of the party. It’s a winning trait all around.


5. Nighttime Is Energizing

A small study published in Biological Rhythms found that night owls actually have more strength in the evenings. Whereas morning larks have a constant level of strength throughout the entire day, you feel stronger and more alert in the evening. So don’t feel like you have to work out first thing. Take advantage of your nighttime strength, Rocky.


6. “Me” Time Is Precious

Sure, you’re the life of the party and a lifesaver for your boss when he needs something done late. But you also love doing your own thing late at night when everyone is asleep. You’re comfortable just existing, meditating, and having the space and time to re-charge mentally. There’s no rush to get everything in before bedtime, because bedtime is whenever you get tired.

Being a night owl can be complicated sometimes, since most of the world around you is probably on a typical 9 a.m. – 5 p.m schedule. But you know what works for you, so prowl the night with pride, owls.



Nicholas Pell is a freelance-writer based in Southern California by way of Portland, OR and Providence, RI. He has written for Buisness Insider, Mainst, Credit Sesame, and more. He covers health, fitness, consumer credit, retirement, mortgages, debt management, and frugal living.