Work Out With Actress Shay Mitchell in 4 Weeks of Focus, Exclusively on Openfit!

Work Out With Actress Shay Mitchell in 4 Weeks of Focus, Exclusively on Openfit!

It’s totally normal to lose sight of your goals. Sometimes one skipped workout leads to a few skipped weeks, and a stop for fast food leads to daily takeout. That’s just life.

The good news is that you can always break the cycle, and that’s exactly what actress and entrepreneur, Shay Mitchell, is ready to do.

Shay is going to hit the reset button and get serious about her health and fitness by doing 4 Weeks of Focus, a new integrative program on Openfit.

With 4 Weeks of Focus you can work alongside Shay, her accountability partner, Steph Shep, and trainer, Kelsey Heenan. You’ll be right there with them as they go through the workouts!

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What Is 4 Weeks of Focus With Shay Mitchell?

shay and kelsey flexing | 4 weeks of focus

Like many of us, Shay let her fitness slip in 2020.  Luckily, her trainer and friend, Kelsey Heenan, promised Shay that with four weeks of solid focus, she can get back on-track to feeling her strong, healthy and energized self.

Shay is bringing her friend and accountability partner Steph along for the ride, and YOU can join them, too! Forget the gym and treadmill. All you need are two sets of dumbbells and a commitment to focus for four weeks.

Five days a week for 30 minutes each day, Kelsey will lead you, Shay, and Steph through challenging HIIT and metabolic resistance training workouts. These full-body sweat sessions are fast, furious, and effective. With four weeks of dedication, you’ll get stronger, torch a ton of calories, and lean out.

Click here to download the calendar so you can stay on-track with all the workouts!

4 weeks of focus calendar


What Makes 4 Weeks of Focus Unique?

4 Weeks of Focus offers an unfiltered look into the creation of a fitness program. And as an Openfit subscriber, this is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a part of it!

Not only will you get to try the program before anyone else, but you’ll experience it firsthand alongside Shay and Steph. You’ll learn the moves and laugh (or cry!) through every rep — all while getting stronger and more fit together.


Does 4 Weeks of Focus Have a Nutrition Plan?

Daily exercise is only half the equation. Eating Healthy is just as important.  To round-out your workout  and get you back on track, Openfit’s easy One Minute Meal Plan is available to participants who are interested.

We also recommend adding two supplements to your routine — Ladder Pre-Workout and Ladder post-workout protein (available in Whey or Plant protein). Why are they going to be helpful for these four weeks?

Ladder Pre-Workout helps you fight fatigue and improve focus so you can go hard each and every workout. Ladder’s post-workout protein is loaded with essential amino acids to help your muscles repair and recover faster. Both will help you take on Kelsey’s workouts and get even better results from the program.


Who Is Shay Mitchell?

shay posing against wall | 4 weeks of focus

Shay Mitchell is an actress and entrepreneur best known for her roles on Pretty Little Liars, You, and Dollface, and founding sparkling tequila brand, Onda, and travel accessories brand, BÉIS.  Shay is no stranger to putting in work, including when it comes to her fitness.

Living through a global pandemic made it tough to maintain a routine in 2020, but Shay is ready to embrace a new, healthier lifestyle in 2021 — with the help of a few friends.

Sticking to a routine is always challenging, but I’ve found that it’s so much easier when you have realistic goals and a support system,” she says. “4 Weeks of Focus isn’t just a way for us to get in shape… it’s also how we’re going to connect, make friends, and have each other’s backs through this journey to better health. We will crush this thing together!”


Who Is Kelsey Heenan?

kelsey heenan | 4 weeks of focus

Kelsey Heenan is an MBSC Certified Functional Strength Coach and a Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach who’s helped thousands of clients, including celebrities, professional athletes, and Olympians, reach their goals.

She’s known for her challenging and effective programs that get results. On top of that, she also helps her clients improve their relationship with food and exercise, which is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Now she’s sharing her expertise in 4 Weeks of Focus exclusively on Openfit to help you build healthy habits that are sustainable for life.


How to Get Started

All you need to do is sign up for an Openfit membership to access the workouts. And for the full immersive experience, join the 4 Weeks of Focus Facebook group where you can chat with other members doing the program, and get tips and advice from Shay and Kelsey. See you in the workouts!



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