Check Out the Amazing Results of 4 Weeks of Focus on Openfit!

Check Out the Amazing Results of 4 Weeks of Focus on Openfit!

Anyone who’s done a workout program before knows that you don’t just get results — you earn them. No matter who you are, there isn’t any magical formula that can shortcut you to a slimmer body or stronger muscles.

Actress and entrepreneur Shay Mitchell learned that firsthand by completing her 4 Weeks of Focus on Openfit. Created by trainer Kelsey Heenan, this program gives you the resources, programming, and support that you need to manifest amazing changes in your life (and your body!). You just have to be ready to work for it.

And sure, weight loss is one result of doing a well-designed workout program. But you’ll also develop healthier habits and forge a better relationship with your body! Here are the stories of people who took back control of their lives to become stronger and healthier than ever before with the help of 4 Weeks of Focus.

Commit to a month of building muscle and torching calories with the HIIT and strength-training exercises of 4 Weeks of Focus! Try it here for free.


Joshua B. Lost 24 Pounds and Found a Program He Could Stick to

joshua before and after | 4 weeks of focus results

I had such a great experience during this journey because I was able to follow a daily program. It made it possible to stick to a routine and show up every day. Having access to workouts I could do at home was a blessing.

My physical and mental changes have been phenomenal. I used to feel hopeless about losing weight and that I couldn’t do anything about it. But now I feel empowered, and I’m so much stronger and more motivated every day.

Joshua’s advice: Go in strong and really push yourself to go beyond what feels ‘comfortable.’ Obviously listen to your body and be safe, but the harder you push, the better the results.


Laura C. Learned to Fill Her Cup First and Got Stronger Physically and Mentally

laura before and after | 4 weeks of focus results

I was feeling sluggish and unmotivated to exercise, but I started to make myself a priority. I started saying “Work out for 30 minutes,” and then I did it. I felt myself getting stronger and stopped making excuses for why I couldn’t do things.

My whole mindset changed, and I realized that when you prioritize yourself, you start to become better for everyone. My daughter would often be in the room with me, and I was so proud that she saw how strong I was getting.

I honestly think I look and feel better at 38 than I did at 28.

Laura’s advice: You have to start somewhere, and 4 Weeks of Focus is the best place to start. It’s only 30 minutes a day, so it’s doable and sustainable. You’ll be so proud of your progress and hard work.


Andrew L. Lost 6.5″ Off His Waist While Taking Things at His Own Pace

andrew before and after | 4 weeks of focus results

This is really the first time where I have seen physical improvements in such a short period of time. Normally, it has taken longer to see any results, which has always been a buzzkill, but I definitely noticed more definition in my arms, chest, legs, and glutes. And my stamina and endurance have really improved.

The workouts were challenging but ended at just the right time, so you felt like you had a great workout that gave you more energy throughout the day. It was motivating and pushed you to improve while maintaining a pace that was comfortable and not intimidating.

Andrew’s take-away: 4 Weeks of Focus is great for all fitness levels because you can take things at your own pace by modifying or increasing weight. I love that Kelsey kept it real and gave modifications so that anyone can do it.


Shyla D. Lost 17.8 Pounds and Felt Proud of Being a Beginner

shyla before and after | 4 weeks of focus results

I loved the way that Shay and Kelsey motivated us. Shay had no shame in having to modify some exercises and made me feel more comfortable about the times that I had to modify as well. But Kelsey still made me feel strong and pushed me the exact way I need to be.

This is the first program I can say that I’ve truly looked forward to completing every day. I still have a long way to go, but this program has given me an amazing jumpstart and motivated me to keep going.

Shyla’s take-away: The first couple weeks are the hardest when you’re not necessarily seeing a lot of change. And I’ve always struggled with trying to enjoy my workouts, but this program gave me so much motivation to want to get it done every day.


Leslie C. Loved the Non-Scale Victories and the Accessibility of At-Home Workouts

leslie before and after | 4 weeks of focus results

The changes to the scale have been awesome, but the non-scale victories are even more exciting. I’ve noticed more muscle definition, and my clothes are fitting great. I feel happier, more energetic, and more present in my everyday life. Even my family is exercising more!

I also liked how simple Openfit was to use. I could easily stream the workouts to my phone or iPad, so there was never an excuse to miss the workouts. And the Openfit community Facebook page is very inspiring and motivating!

Leslie’s advice: I would definitely recommend giving Openfit a try. You can work out at home with minimal equipment, and by getting started with a program, all the days and routines are planned out for you. So you just have to show up to achieve results.


Tierra D. Was Surprised by Her Results and How Much She Enjoys Working Out

tierra before and after | 4 weeks of focus results

I really enjoyed the fact that it never felt like working out. Honestly, I was skeptical at first and thought that I would probably need to do more workouts on the side to see results. But I cannot believe how effective 30 minutes each day could really be.

I wasn’t sure how much I was changing physically until I took my after pictures and noticed such a huge difference. And mentally, I’m a different person: I wake up feeling great and ready for my workouts, when in the past I completely dreaded them. I actually look forward to them and find myself a little sad on the weekends when we’re “off.”

I feel great that I’m doing something that is truly working and that helps me see and feel the changes as I go.

Tierra’s advice: Stop overthinking, stop hesitating, and just do it! Your journey can start right now, and best of all, you’ll get results.


Steve F. Felt Empowered and Developed a Foundation to Continue His Progress

steve before and after | 4 weeks of focus results

My biggest change has come from my confidence. Yes, I am stronger and leaner, but I have a different energy when I wake up and look at myself in the mirror. Before, I would avoid looking at myself in the bathroom mirror every morning. Now, I wake up and empower myself to tackle the day and empower myself to stand tall and be ME!

We often forget how important it is to have a basic foundation for growth. I loved how each day felt like we were taking one step forward. I was getting stronger and understanding what muscles I was targeting and how to work out safely. I am much more conscious of what I need to do to succeed beyond this program.

Steve’s advice: Remember that the beauty of a fitness journey is that it starts with YOU! Never forget your “why,” and know that there are communities of people who will cheer you on.


Kyle S. Feels Confident in His Body and Enjoyed Sharing the Journey With Shay

kyle before and after | 4 weeks of focus results

Since finishing the program, I feel elite! I haven’t felt this strong and healthy for quite some time. I knew I was out of shape and lacked confidence in my body, so I knew I needed to make a change. Now my clothes fit better, I look better, and I feel better — I’m proud of the changes I made.

The workouts were short and simple, but intense at the same time. And I enjoyed how down-to-earth and relatable Kelsey and Shay were. Instead of seeing some super fit trainers working out in the background, you feel like you’re on a journey with others that you can actually relate to.

Kyle’s take-away: This program is simple and for anyone who is dedicated to making the physical changes they want to see. You can stay in the comfort of your own home and work out at your own convenience.


Hannah D. Appreciated the Accountability and Loved Her Results

hannah before and after | 4 weeks of focus results

I was seriously lacking motivation to start getting active and healthy again. But knowing that there’d be a whole group of people that were doing the workouts with me gave me SO much motivation to commit and crush this program!

Not only do I feel so much better, but seeing my transformation pictures showed me how much my body was changing without me even realizing. Now I feel more mentally focused because I know I have to show up every day and stick to something.

Hannah’s take-away: Kelsey really makes you push past any limits you think you have, so it makes you show up to the challenge. Seeing her work out and explain everything as she was working out was such an inspiration!


Vicky S. Lost 16 Pounds and Found Inner Strength

vicky before and after | 4 weeks of focus results

4 Weeks of Focus helped empower me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I think the biggest thing I realized in the second round was that I could do so many more reps of the strength exercises, like push ups, burpees, and lunges. I feel amazing!

I really liked how much variety they offered. It wasn’t the same thing day after day, so I always looked forward to learning and improving on something new. When the moves were broken into intervals of 30 seconds, I genuinely believed that I could do anything for 30 seconds — no matter how difficult!

I wake up feeling like I can conquer the day, rather than the day conquering me.

Vicky’s advice: Do this for yourself. Don’t do it for anyone else or because you think you “should.” That will allow you to continue to push when things get hard.