7 Thanksgiving Day Breakfasts That Won't Leave You Too Full for Turkey

7 Thanksgiving Day Breakfasts That Won't Leave You Too Full for Turkey

On Thanksgiving Day, the main focus revolves around a large and impressive spread of food for a late lunch or dinner. And as tempted as you might be, don’t starve yourself until then! It’s important to eat breakfast on Thanksgiving morning so you can keep your metabolism moving, and prevent yourself from massively overeating later on in the day.

Here are seven healthy breakfast recipes that will give you a nutritious start to the morning, and still leave you plenty of room for a hearty plate of your favorite Thanksgiving foods.

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1. Chocolate Protein Pancakes

chocolate protein pancakes | thanksgiving day breakfasts

Start off your morning with this sweet breakfast so that you can really enjoy your savory dinner later! These fluffy pancakes are packed with protein to help keep you full and are topped with a sweet and healthier alternative to whipped cream.

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2. Cranberry Pecan Oatmeal Cups

cranberry pecan oatmeal cups | thanksgiving day breakfasts

Get a light Thanksgiving dinner teaser with these cranberry pecan oatmeal cups. With just five grams of sugar and 160 calories in each cup, you can treat yourself to two of these cups without feeling too full afterwards. You can even prep them a few days in advance!

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3. Pumpkin Overnight Oats

pumpkin overnight oats | thanksgiving day breakfasts

Nothing says Thanksgiving better than pumpkins! Pop these overnight oats in the fridge just before Thanksgiving day so that all you have to do in the morning is open it up to savor this sweet seasonal breakfast. 

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4. Low-Carb Everything Bagels

low-carb everything bagels | thanksgiving day breakfasts

These Everything Bagels are everything you need for a cozy Thanksgiving Day breakfast. With fewer carbs and less fat, our bagels provide a lighter alternative to what you may usually grab at the store. 

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5. Sweet Potato Muffins

sweet potato muffins | thanksgiving day breakfasts

With only 92 calories each, these sweet potato muffins can be paired with some fruit for a nutritious breakfast. They’re made with cinnamon and vanilla, which will help your house smell like Thanksgiving Day first thing in the morning.

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6. Chocolate Pecan Pie Shake

chocolate pecan pie shake | thanksgiving day breakfasts

Get a little taste of dessert for breakfast with our chocolate pecan pie shake! Using just five ingredients (including Openfit Plant-Based Protein Shake), this on-the-go meal can be whipped up in just five minutes to fuel your last-minute Thanksgiving grocery shopping. 

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7. Overnight Chia Pudding

overnight chia pudding | thanksgiving day breakfasts

Here’s another quick, overnight recipe that you can prep ahead of time for a hassle-free morning meal. With chia seeds, protein powder, and Greek yogurt, this recipe is packed with protein to help fuel you for the rest of the day. You can even swap out the berries for apples to make this breakfast more festive and seasonal!

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