11 Reasons Why You Should Take Openfit Live Classes

11 Reasons Why You Should Take Openfit Live Classes

Openfit offers a range of dynamic on-demand programs you can do anytime, anywhere. But you may want to consider going live, too. Openfit Live classes run the gamut — from walking and running sessions to warm-ups, strength training, HIIT, guided meditation, and much more. We asked Openfit teammates and Openfit Live trainer Alexis Craig for their top reasons why these workouts should definitely be in your fitness mix.

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1. Live Encouragement

You’d love to challenge yourself, but you’re just not feeling it. We’ve all been there. That’s where your Openfit Live trainers can make all the difference.

“The encouragement from trainers is so important,” adds Openfit teammate Maria Higgins. “Most are just wise and loving people who know just what to say right when you’re about to give up.”


2. Real-Time Tips and Modifications

Prefer to keep your camera off? No problem. But, Craig says, turn it on and you may get more out of the session. That’s because your trainer can see your form and offer modifications if needed.

“You have a trainer to guide you in real time so you can make sure you are doing everything right,” she says. “You can also message your Live trainer to let them know of any modifications you may need.”

Openfit teammate Louise Lloyd says, “I have improved my form tremendously because of the Live classes. I find myself listening to any of the corrections that trainers are giving, and I check my own form to see if I can make the same correction. I feel so good at the end of a class, and I love that trainers send a follow-up text message.”


3. A Schedule You Can Stick With

woman running in neighborhood

A common joke in the fitness world is that the most popular time to start a new program is tomorrow — making it easy to keep procrastinating. With a live class, you have to sign up for a specific time, which makes it much easier to turn tomorrow into today, says Craig.

“When you sign up for a Live class, it will show up on your class schedule in the app, and if you enable notifications, you’ll get text messages to remind you when class is starting,” she says. “This helps you stay accountable to sticking to your workout plans.”

Openfit teammate Melissa Johnson says her family used to tease her about how often she switched her fitness programs. “I’d do something for a week and then be done,” she says. “Since joining Openfit, I have been consistent every single day. This is huge for me. Openfit has lowered my anxiety and motivated me to better myself.”


4. Short Sessions for Busy Days

Johnson adds that she can’t use the “not enough time for a workout” excuse anymore, since some of the Openfit Live classes are just 10 minutes — but she still gets a sweaty, high-quality workout. Others are longer but clock in under 30 minutes for days when she only has small blocks of time.

“I can easily squeeze in a 25-minute class and the challenges keep me motivated,” she says. “Before you know it, you’ll get an hour of workout time every day, easily.”


5. Tons of Variety and New Classes All the Time

“There are classes for all different fitness levels, so you can find something that works well for you,” Craig says. “The Live schedule is constantly being updated to feature a wide selection of classes, from morning to night across most time zones, so there’s always something new to try.”

That’s been a big draw for Openfit teammate Dana Kessous. “I can settle into my comfort zone with weights or get some much-needed stretches,” she says. “I can step out of my box into yoga or take on a challenge. I can try things I never thought I would try. With the variety of trainers, times, type of workout, and length of workout, it makes it easy to find something for any time of day or energy level.”


6. Real-Time Walk and Run Stats

openfit live stat tracking

Even if you’re just trying to boost your walking step count or going out for a run, Openfit Live can come along. Craig says the walking and running trainers can coach you in real time with your stats. If you choose to share them, they can see your pace and step count. From there, you can get personalized distance and pace goals for segments based on your performance.

You can also use a treadmill or indoor track, and the app will take elevation into consideration to adjust intensity and distance goals, Craig adds.


7. A Leaderboard to Push You Harder

When you’re on a walk or run, the app notifies you when you pass someone or when they pass you, and you can see your mileage compared to other teammates, says Craig.

Many teammates have said it’s like running in a virtual race with people from all over the country, she says, and you can get some serious results.


8. No-Pressure Group Training

When you turn the camera on, only your trainer sees you, Craig says. “That means no getting embarrassed,” she adds, or feeling the need to tidy up before a workout.

That also provides a feeling of privacy, adds Higgins. You can hear the trainer call out names or hear when others pass you on a run, but you still feel like your personal information is protected, she notes.


9. Virtual Events for Worthy Causes

Just because you’re working out “at home” doesn’t mean you can’t walk and run for causes that matter. Openfit Live hosts numerous community events, and past ones have included:

  • AAPI Unity Walk to support the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities
  • Plié for Pink
  • Women’s History 5K in honor of Women’s History Month
  • Black History 5K to honor Black History Month
  • Pride Parade Walk
  • Honor the Dream Walk

These events have raised more than $20,000 for various causes, and thousands of teammates have taken part so far.


10. Progress Badges

The Openfit app tracks the number of classes you take and awards “badges” based on your participation. These provide yet another nudge to push teammates to keep going.

“I’m a reward junkie, so the badges really motivate me to be consistent,” says Openfit teammate Candie Richardson.

It’s not just the app that keeps track: If trainers know your goals, they help celebrate milestones as well. For example, Openfit teammate Rochelle Nordby says Openfit Live trainer Casey Wenger celebrates each teammate’s milestones with virtual glitter and confetti.

“She knows how much work it takes to get where you are and never misses a moment to help you celebrate your achievements,” she says.


11. Big-Time Bonding

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Not only do you interact with trainers in the class but you also become part of a community, says Craig. You can chat and hang out with your teammates while taking that class, and the Openfit Teammates Facebook group is very active and supportive. That gives you the feeling of being part of the energy and excitement of an in-person class, without having to leave home.

“The camaraderie the trainers provide is priceless,” says Openfit teammate Jannelle Marquez. “When you attend regularly, trainers definitely recognize you, so you feel a sense of community and relationship.”

That extends to teammates as well, adds Openfit teammate Barb Nefer. She says, “Openfit Live classes are like being in a group of friends from around the country. You’re all united by one goal: to get more fit. You get all the benefits of an in-person class, like support and accountability, without the hassle of leaving home.”

Sometimes, that community even comes from unexpected moments and places, as Openfit teammate Wenyan Yuan says. “When I work out, my little daughter is by my side, and she cheers when the trainer calls my name,” she says. “I love to hear her cheering for me.”